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Concealed Carry

     What do Sergio Duarte-High Representative for Disarmament affairs, and the rest of the United Nations foreign Ambassadors all have in common?  Here is a direct quote from Sergio: [“No doubt 2010 will be a busy year for multilateral efforts in the field of conventional small arms regulation”]. UNODA stands for United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, and good ol Sergio Duarte is the figurehead, or mouthpiece of that organization. So what do they all have in common? For starters they work for the U.N., that’s a given. They all hate, with a vengeance, the United States, while at the same time sponging off our tax dollars to exist!  That huge sucking sound you hear coming from New York City is the U.N. taking our money to use it against us!  They are striving for a one world utopia free of conventional weapons, “small arms” ownership by civilians worldwide. They know that they can only disarm American citizens with the help of like-minded U.S. officials in high places, of which there seems to be an abundance….

    Our U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., William Malzahn, a Obama appointee, is one such ally. Here is a direct quote from Billy boy on the floor of the U.N. this year, [“His country is a strong supporter of the Register of Conventional Arms”]. “His country”, what country is he talking about? The United States? I can not think of anyone I know that would agree with him. He must mean Cuba, maybe China, right Billy boy?  That is only one of the affirmations Billy boy has made about the ATT. In stark contrast was John Bolton, who held the same post in the Bush Administration (as Malzahn now),  and said to a ‘shocked’ U.N., [“We do not support measures that prohibit civilian possession of small arms….The United States will not  join consensus on a final document that contains measures abrogating the constitutional right to bear arms”]. 

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, another Obama appointee, had this to say recently to the U.N., [” The United States is committed to actively pursuing a strong and robust treaty that contains the highest possible legally binding standards for the transfer of conventional weapons”].  Clinton and Malzahn both get their orders from Barak Obama, they don’t say these things on their own. They are not accountable to the voter, only to Obama.  The U.N. Security Council Resolution 1540 is something everyone should take a look at, it deals with disarmament, not only of Nuclear Weapons but also small arms.

    When the U.N. tries to curtail our Constitution with the help of Obama, the only roadblock in their way will be a supermajority vote, (51)of our Senate that would be needed to approve  and make binding the measure. You need to ask yourself, is there 51 in the Senate willing to give away our sovereignty to the U.N.? Are they willing to throw their political careers away for a bunch of money sponging foreigner’s that totally hate our way of life? Maybe, if it means bringing about a Global Government where they would be rewarded for their treason. I am certain Barak Obama would happily sign the measure into law given the chance!

     Where is the media on this issue? Where is Fox News ‘looking out for the folks’?  Maybe they, (the media in general) do not want the public at large to hear and decide for themselves. No news on any issue means no possible resistance, until after the fact. Is the media afraid of open and honest dialog? This story would not be just some small ‘blurb’ in the news.

    Should it be implemented, it would affect the free will of all future generations of Americans. There would be no chance for them to decide whether or not they could own firearms for protection or any other reason. This is precisely what our Founding Fathers wanted all future generations to have, freedom of choice, not only for defense but for the continuation of freedom as well.

    Beware of all U.S. politicians in league with the U.N., our best interests are not in the interest of a hateful U.N., our money is their top priority, they need it to continue their attacks on our Constitution along with the aid of some of our top elected/appointed ‘officials’.  

 Mark Shean, written 5-16-2010, continued on from 1-23-2010

UPDATE: As of 7-27-2011,  The UN is trying to now finalize the draft that they would like to become worldwide law with the help of 51 majority vote of our U.S. Senate. Call your Senators and tell/warn them to vote NO if they value their cozy little phony baloney titles/jobs/power.

UPDATE: 7-5-2012, Concerning the ATT;  Read the latest now on

 UPDATE: 7-28-2012   U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Worldwide Civilian Disarmament Plot Fails


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4 Responses to “U.N. Arms Trade Treaty-ATT (updates)”

  • jay z says:

    This is a great post Mark, I stumbled across your post while looking for something else. Why do we continue to support these leeches at the UN? Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to come back. NOTE: We need to elect a President and Congress that will show these ‘leeches’ the door! Dont forget to show your friends 🙂 MS

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  • Jay says:

    I have found this website to be very useful/informative. The U.N. bears watching! Thank you Mark! NOTE: Our politicians bear watching too! Thank you. MS

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  • Jack Z says:

    The UN should be kicked out of New York/America! They are useless and a huge drain on the American tax payer! I would vote for any politician that ran on the platform of booting them out and stopping all funds to the American bashing scumbags! NOTE: I feel you are not in the minority Jack. MS

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  • Violette B. says:

    It’s an aberration that the President of the United States endorses a mosque so close to the biggest and most atrocious terrorist act in the history of the World! It’a spit in the face of the people that died there in horror; their families, and the rest of us Americans. It is unacceptable! We should wait until the mosque is finished, and then blow it up while all the Muslims are in there praying!!! See how they feel about that…… NOTE: It would only drag us down to the same depraved level, self defense is one thing, that is a God given right, murder quite another. MS

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