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Concealed Carry

    Is it me, or can the worst man made ecological disaster in the history of the United States and possibly the World, be regulated to a mere tiny ‘blip’ in the overall news? It has been slowly dawning on me, (where?) is the extensive coverage that something of this magnitude demands? I remember the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, the media was all over that environmental disaster for months on end, as they should have been. It was kept on the front burner, ‘in your face’ coverage on every aspect of the tragic impact it was having on the Alaskan ecology, wildlife and people.

    What boggles my mind, knowing that this has already surpassed the equivalent of  many Exxon Valdez disasters, and has just kept on going and going,  that the lame-stream media is damned near keeping it off the radar screen, underplaying the hell out of it!! WHY!?

    I hate to think of this, but if it is true, this country has sunk to an all new level of political depravity. I do not want to look at it from this angle. But it is starting to look like the only thing that can make any sense to me.  During the Exxon Valdez  disaster, which happened on March 24- 1989, George H.W. Bush (R) had just taken over the reins as our 41st President. And knowing  the lame stream media is far left of center, would the media use the tragedy solely to harass and embarrass a Republican White House? Based on what I see now, in retrospect, it appears they did just that, not for any actual or real concern for the spill itself. It would then naturally follow, now that a Democrat is in the White House, the media is doing their level best to minimize a tragedy that has already eclipsed, by many times, the Exxon Valdez! Unconscionable! Freedom of the press my a**!!! Freedom to manipulate the truth would be far more accurate! It is downright criminal behaviour!

    It makes me sick to even think that this would be played out as politics as usual knowing the horrendous impact this has and will have on the environment, wildlife and countless people for many decades to come. Everything is effected, extinction of entire species are rumored! Where are all the Eco-terrorists tree huggers screaming at the tops of their lungs?! Why is there seemingly an atmosphere of apathy over something bordering such epic proportions!? 

    I do not care to hear anything from the oil companies concerning who is to blame over this. THEY ARE ALL TO BLAME!!!  These oil rigs are their venture, not yours, not mine. British Petroleum (BP), Halliburton, and Trans Ocean should be made to pay the cleanup bill jointly, and all costs related to this disaster,  not a penny from the U.S. tax payer for this mess! The chemicals being used to ‘disperse’  the oil  are as bad or worse than the oil itself on the environment!! Change the law, make it retroactive, NO CAP on damages!!! EVER!!  These companies are drilling for oil for one reason as we all know, to make unimaginably huge profits, as they have done for years. That’s OK. What is not OK  is they play the game of rising gas prices each summer knowing everyone is taking trips, and lowering the prices of gas, (but not heating oil) in the fall when everyone is back home. The oil companies spend more money in Washington to ‘sway’,(buy) politicians than all other lobbiests  put together, that should be a clue to why politicians are not working for us. Why be a politician when you can own one or more of them? This is why politicians are so low key/careful, (but getting more nervous daily, due to public pressure from the ‘little people’) about really tearing into their benefactors in a public forum.

    I did seven years as a U.S. Merchant Marine working  mainly on old  W W ll era oil tankers. I was only a mere worker-bee. In the late 70s there was an invented ‘gas shortage’, I was on an oil tanker off shore near the port of Corpus Christi Texas sitting there at anchor. On shore, all over the country, there was gas rationing going on. If your license plate ended in an even number you could get gas on even numbered days, odd numbers on the opposite days. Some of you will remember that time period. There were long lines at all the gas stations. Do you really believe for one second we were in a shortage? I can tell you first hand that at anchor all around me, as far as the eye could see were oil tankers waiting for the gas prices to go up, and at every port around the country was the same scene/story. It was all jointly orchestrated by the oil companies, we heard the officers talking about all the other ports.  Was it covered by an ‘objective’ news media trying to expose fraud? Of course not, Jimmy Carter (D) was in office, it never made the news, but I was a witness to it.  As soon as gas prices went up high enough the tankers weighed anchor and started coming into port to deliver their ‘endangered’ oil. Miraculously, end of gas ‘crisis’.   The point here is that I know oil companies play games to inflate their profits, do not let the bastards fool you, or the long term incumbent politicians who owe their allegiance to big oil!

    I read in the paper today possibly the largest lie that I have ever knowingly read at any time in my life, it was dealing with the BP oil catastrophe. The headline stated that as of  “today”  they estimate this oil spill to have surpassed the Exxon Valdez disaster! I would think it to be funny if this whole thing were not so destructive and harmful overall. We are now pushing 45 days into this mess. I can tell you why that headline is such a lie to those who understand the oil shipping industry from working on oil tankers. FACT: An oil tanker can be fully loaded, trimmed and sent on its way easily within 24 hours. Ask any tanker Captain or crew member.  They are trying to tell you/us,  that after a whopping 45 DAYS of this gusher, they could only have filled ONE oil tanker!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!  And just now I read in the papers that the ‘experts‘ feel they may have under estimated the spill, (NO KIDDING!)  that it may be two to five times the rate originally thought per day!!!  And I will bet these morons are being conservative, (on purpose) on that guess-timate!  We are all being taken for fools by the Obama Administration and their friends in the oil business, with the more than willing help of the media!!

    I am beside myself with worry for our country, you should be worried also.  If it were possible for a  disaster to ‘care’, this disaster would not care less what political party you belong to, of the color of your skin, or any damned thing else that people imagine  may set them apart from one another!  The bottom line is that this disaster is going to effect ALL of us, bar none, and it will be in a very negative way.   Should the oil companies pay? Your damned right they should pay!! EVERY G.D. PENNY!! Even if that means total bankruptcy for all of them, damn the Queen and the Royal families BP profits, right along with their cronies Halliburton and Trans Ocean!! Now go tell your so-called ‘Representatives’ who their REAL boss is!! 202-224-3121  or 1-800-762-8762 !


Mark Shean, written 5-27-2010

UPDATE: As of today, 8-8-2011, This story has vanished from the news, its been missing for a long time. There have been independent surveys of the ocean floor that show sludge for miles in all directions but no one is talking of the effects of this. Believe me, there are/will be effects whether or not the media and the Obama Administration bury this story. An omission of facts is the same as a lie to the American people, and the world.

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  • Steve says:

    My theory is that like everything else Mark no one is touching on this because “Obama prezident nah!!” (now)

    The fact of the matter is no one wants to criticize his lackadaisical attitude here, not only that, but should we mention that he is against drilling for oil, and Im sure that deep down the worse this disaster is the better for his future arguments. NOTE: Its not good turn this disaster into politics, shows a HUGE charactor flaw on Obama’s part Steve. MS

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