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Concealed Carry

What do former Sen. Arlen Specter (D), former Gov. Jon Corzine (D) of New Jersey, former Gov. Creigh Deeds (D) of Virginia, and  of course Martha Coakley (D) of Massachusetts, all have in common? They all had campaigns where Obama came to ‘help’, in races they should never have lost, but did lose because they could not read the anger correctly of the voters. Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D) of Arkansas should ask Obama to stay far away from her race  in November, she is in an uphill battle as it is without the ‘political kiss of death’ from Obama.

    Incumbents from both parties do not yet get it, the Tea Party movement is real and building, it reared its political head when Rand Paul, a political unknown beat out the big Republican establishment pick Trey Grayson (R) in Kentucky. Both parties had better beware. They had better start reading the bills they may vote on. The Bill Of  Rights is obviously another bill our glorious Representatives have never bothered to read.

     The Mexican president, Felipe Calderon comes to the White House and bad mouths Arizona’s immigration law, incorrectly claiming that it profiles people, all the Democrats  leap to their feet in loud applause! Obama also stands and smiles as Mexico’s President rants against Arizona, he sure is a president we can all be proud of…..right.  All that showed to me, and to anyone who has read the new law in Arizona, is that the applauding imbeciles have not read that law, neither has Obama, Holder or El Presidente Felipe Calderon who says he  is “against any effort to criminalize migration”. He did not state that correctly, he should have said “illegal immigration”. 

    Here is an interesting little ‘factoid’ about Mexico that is not spoken by our White House or lame-stream media;  Mexican police and military  have standing orders to (‘shoot to kill’) anyone trying to illegally cross into Mexico, over its southern border. I am all for adopting that policy for our southern border, how about you? I am sure El Presidente Felipe Caleron would not mind our borrowing his own policy eh?

    As far as someone like Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, there should be a bill put forth that would stop politicians from playing ‘musical chairs’ with their party affiliation. It is not fair to the people who vote someone into office to represent them, only to have that person ‘jump a sinking ship’, (like a rat) mid term to save his or her a**  because of something they have done that only proves they represent no one but themselves. Every politician should be made, by law, to finish out the term for the party in which they were elected. If they want to change their party it should be done afterwards, (at their own expense, not the voters expense) they should have to fulfill their obligation to their constituents first and foremost, anything less is  dishonest and immoral!

   It really does not matter whatever  party the incumbent is in, the voters are pissed, and out for a political cleansing as they should be,  they will not be denied in November! I hope to Heaven that the ‘community organizer’ runs around in November to lend his political ‘clout’ to each and every candidate! That would be great!  Mark Shean, written 5-21-2010

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