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Concealed Carry

    I wrote an article titled “Arizona Controversy” a few days ago, in it I made reference to how our Ma. Representatives wanted to jump on the Arizona band wagon to show the tax payers that they cared and did not want to give away our tax money to illegal aliens. Guess what, they changed their minds! They voted instead not to check the people applying for state benefits to prove they’re U.S. citizens before handing out our tax money! 

     Now they have taken a really bizarre twist along with  Mayor ‘Mumbles’ Menino, wanting to boycott Arizona businesses that do business with Boston because ‘Mumbles’ and the ‘gang’ do not like the new Arizona law making illegal aliens illegal!  Mr. Felix Arroyo Jr. of the Boston City Council says, {“Anyone in this country who is breaking the law should be dealt with. But that is a completely separate issue from illegal immigration.”}

    Excuse me Mr. Felix Arroyo Jr., whoever the hell you think you are oh ‘exalted one’. Could you please clarify that for us lowly peasant tax payers? What part of  ‘illegal’ to you doesn’t mean breaking the law?

    Where were these ‘Representitives’ hatched? The three Arizona companies that have dealings with Boston can still do business, but only if they send Mumbles a letter denouncing the new anti-illegal Arizona law. How stupid to you does that sound? How impotent. Once again our glorious Representatives embarrass our state in the eyes of the nation.  I guess Arizona is probably all- a tremble at the anger coming from Boston politicians. Ya right!  Remember everybody, November elections are right around the bend, lets clean house!    Mark Shean written 5-7=10

One Response to “Our Glorious Dysfunctional Ma. ‘Reps’”

  • nelly says:

    That is aroneous. Let me get this straight- in the illogical mind of some politicians “illegal immergrants” does not mean breaking the law? I am sorry I know I am getting old but when I was a kid “Illegal” meant against the law. Therefore Illegal immergrants are breaking the law and deserve to be punished. And no that does not mean take up space and money in our prisons- that means go home. Sorry to be blunt but that is the way I look at it.

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