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Concealed Carry


NOTE: (*After you receive your license, I can give you a familiarization shooting class with the gun(s) you bought so that you feel comfortable with it/them).

Why I do not have you shoot in the initial class;

 *In a nutshell, it is a waste of your time and extra money, read on… 

I have an educated, common sense theory as to why the state has not made shooting mandatory for the state certification (so far). The course is carefully titled Basic Firearm Safety with emphasis on thebasic, it covers gun laws and safety aspects. You do not want to run afoul of the gun laws in Ma., that is a point of the course.  The main reason I believe that shooting is not required can be summed up in one very big word, liabilityThe police are extremely careful about who will receive that little plastic gun license, they do an extensive background check before they will hand it out. Someone may be a felon. No one has done a background check on the people I initially see, that certainly is NOT my job.  I would not want to put guns into the hands of a felon who may only want to steal the firearm(s) and ammunition, endangering  me or anyone else at a range. That is number 1, my safety, call me selfish OK………….

     There is a very foolish push by a panel of left wing academic so-called ‘experts’ that would mandate you must shoot in this initial class to get your state certificate. Another words, to them its OK to endanger firearms instructors PRIOR to the background check! But no one is allowed the little plastic gun license prior to the background check, BRILLIANT!! I pray I NEVER get as ‘smart’ as these so-called academic ‘experts‘………..who must live in La La land.

     Prime example: Two instructors, Cris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, good instructors with good intensions, were murdered by Eddie Ray Routh while instructing him in firearms at the Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose Texas. They set him up with a firearm, briefed him on safety, he picked the gun up then killed them both.  Routh then stole the firearms and Cris Kyle’s vehicle. He was apprehended the next day. There was NO background check done on Routh prior to this double murder, they did not know his real motives……they had no idea he was already a felon.

Another prime example;

     Accidents  also come under the heading of liability. The state does not want to be sued for making shooting mandatory in case of an accident (so far). The Representative’s we elect may never be bright enough to balance a budget, (its easy to spend someone elses money) but they are not crazy.  Also the state would not want the appearance of discriminating against the disabled, etc, etc.

These things are legal and political  ‘landmines’  that will always be avoided. The state is perfectly willing to let private instructors take any falls should there be an accident, i.e. (the little boy in Westfield Ma.) I have something to say about that ‘accident’ in my blog. [Zero Gun Sense=Uzi sub-machine gun tragedy in Westfield Ma.*The instructors who do infer that shooting is required in Ma. do so at their own risk, and if they are careful/smart  they carry insurance which of course will drive the price of the class up to significantly impact your wallet. The state wide average runs around $155 per person, (a house call and/or discounts not included).

    *I do not believe, knowing what I have learned in a lifetime of shooting, that the extra cost is justified, this is where knowledge through experience comes in… If you already know how to shoot it is a waste of your time and additional money paying for the instructors liability insurance, range, ammo, guns, lights, targets, other overhead ect. to take a few shots. On the other hand a complete novice will not even begin to retain any of the fundamentals. I know I cannot instill the fundamentals of shooting by waving a ‘magic’ wand after a few rounds.


Well intentioned or not, the few shots taken are more about justifying their higher price for the course than anything else. I strongly advise that the novice would be far better served by joining a gun club, to learn from knowledgeable members who will gladly help, or by taking the time for a series of lessons from an instructor which most clubs have, to get you started down the right path, over time.

In my experience with this state course since 2000, I can say without a question that a majority of the people I come into contact with have had previous experience with firearms through one venue or another. Some had moved into the state and needed the course simply as a way to legally keep the guns they already own. Others through life experience and/or military training. Still others because they had just come to figure out that the old FID card that said ‘indefinite’ in their wallets was no longer indefinite, it had expired years ago, (Oct. 1998) to be exact, and had to be brought up to speed.

Then there are those who take the class because they want to legally keep guns that have been inherited, for sentimental or other reasons. There are people that want their spouse to have some knowledge of the firearms they keep in the house as well as the laws surrounding the proper storage of those guns. Then there are people that learn certain laws loosened in 2004 no longer keep them from getting their gun permits back,  lost years ago over something minor.

After looking at all that, it is not quite as dire as, “no one could possibly know anything about firearms or the proper use of them” until they talk to someone like me. I wouldn’t flatter myself for a second by thinking that egotistical nonsense. For the types of circumstances surrounding the people I have just mentioned, people like me are useful in helping them understand the Ma. state firearm laws so that they may stay in sync with them, as well as introducing/reiterating specific safety aspects.

Discovering the varied levels of firearm experience that I have come into contact with from class to class, really does not surprise me. On the contrary, considering that firearms are an American birthright, and are estimated to be numbered in the hundreds of millions throughout America, it would be foolish of anyone to think all people looking for a gun license are completely ignorant about firearms or incompetent in the handling of them. I cannot resist inserting a quote by one of Americas greatest Founding Fathers, (in my opinion) as it happens to punctuate what I have been saying about American citizens….

This is an excerpt from the very first session of Congress, made by our first President: {“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the peoples liberty, teeth and keystone under independence, the rifle and the pistol are equally indispensable…more than 99% of them by their silence indicate that they are in safe sane hands. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference. When firearms go, all goes, we need them every hour”} GEORGE WASHINGTON-

      Note: The word ‘Keystone’ is from 1630, it means; The central supporting element of a whole. Synonyms include; principle, foundation, basis. It is obvious to me, the meaning is clear, firearms and American citizens have had, and will continue to have a long standing ‘relationship’ with firearms. You hear that all you socialist ‘progressives’ ?  We will run many of you out of office over time, my preference would be to have them all tarred and feathered and run out on a rail, or jailed for breaking their Oath to uphold the Entire Constitution…..charged as traitors!

Mark Shean- written 5-2-2010

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Former NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor

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Gun Sense #21, Shooting not Mandated? Why I do not have you shoot., 7.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

8 Responses to “Gun Sense #21, Shooting not Mandated? Why I do not have you shoot.”

  • Ricky says:

    Hello Mark, Great website! I have been confused about the Ma. gun laws and this site has started to clear up quite a bit of that confusion. It is obvious that you have been doing this for awhile. Thanks for all your insight, I will send your link to my friends! NOTE: Thanks Ricky, This is exactly why I created the ‘Gun Sense’ series. MS

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  • Arthur says:

    Hi Mark! Thanks for all your help, I got my LTC in large part because of your help. I think your blog is great, I pass your name on to my friends all the time, have a great summer! Art. NOTE:Your more than welcome, I knew you would get it Art, have a nice summer yourself. MS

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  • Dennis says:

    Great site, Valid point, most Americans do own or have had contact with the use of firearms. I will bookmark this website and return often! NOTE:Come anytime Dennis, MS

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  • Trudy says:

    Hello , What you wrote about liability makes the most sense Mark. I grew up with guns in the house and went shooting with my father and brothers when I was young, but I still need to get my license, I will be in touch. NOTE: Whenever you would like Trudy, available dates are posted on my ‘Class Info’ page. MS

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  • Steven says:

    Yo ! I think your correct on this issue Mark. Coming from a rational (not left wing) angle why would the state set them selves up for law suits? Im with you! Keep up the good articles, will look forward to reading more. NOTE: Thank you for your comments. MS

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  • Gary S. says:

    Hello Mark, I have looked over Chapter 140 MGL and can not find anywhere that it says you can not have ammo in your gun safe or with your stored guns were ever you keep them. But that being said, I can not find anywhere where it says that you can keep them together either………….what is one to think?

    NOTE: Your correct Gary on both counts, Ma. gun laws can be foggy, my advice is that if it does not explicitly say you can store them together, then DO NOT assume you can store them together, err on the side of caution in Ma. The police will always win the argument of what they perceive to be right whether they are actually correct or not, do not push the envalope, store guns and ammo seperately. MS

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  • John Lambert says:

    Interested in the course in order to get my license. Just moved to Plymouth a month ago. Retired Military 1996. age 61.
    live at 70 Welton dr Plymouth Ma.

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  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi John, Please look at the home page, follow the directions there and you can easily set up your class. Thank you.

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