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Concealed Carry

    Boston police are now warning women to take safety precautions while they hunt for a yet unknown sex predator. The attack happened at the Doubletree Hotel at 821 Washington St. Why did it take 5 days to put out this alert? You may not like the answer, your not going to think much of the advice given by the police either, at least I did not.

   Lets start with the ‘why’. The Boston Police have a policy of not  putting out community alerts until a pattern of assaults are detected. In other, more direct words, they need a few victims as ‘bait’ so they can begin to zero in on a suspect, doesn’t that make you women feel all nice and secure? More traumatized/destroyed women would be a good step for the direction of the investigation. Wow.

    Personally I think as soon as an assault happens anywhere the alert should go out, the maggot is going to do it again anyway, as history of such things show, that’s almost a certain no brain-er.  

    Now for the Police ‘advice’, or safety precautions you should take. 1. Don’t walk alone at night, (well, OK, good, but dont rapes happen during daylight hours also?) 2. Carry a cellphone, (again, OK, might be helpfull after the attack, it will not stop the attack). Last but certainly not least, 3. Keep a whistle within reach. (really, ya, OK, you feel better now?)

    My personal advice, get a gun license and carry a handgun. When/if attacked put as many holes in the SOB as fast as you can pull the trigger, why be bait for the police? This course of action will probably annoy/disappoint the police since they will not be able to chart more ruined lives by tracking additional attacks on a map with tacks to test their detective skills, but the upside is that possible victims that ‘never were’ will appreciate your good deed.  

    This information is for those of you that live within jurisdiction of the city of Boston. When you apply for your gun permit the police will want you to show proof that you are a member of a gun club before you will be allowed to fill out the application. This is, as far as I can tell, a ‘quirk’ unique to Boston only, just so you know. You do not need to already own a gun or have a gun license to join a gun club.  Also, unless your ‘connected’ the gun permit will be issued with the reason as ‘Target and Hunting only”, this means you cannot carry a concealed loaded handgun, as you could if you were issued the license for “Any Lawful Purpose” as most every other town does. The “Target and Hunting” means that you cannot defend yourself outside of your home, the police and politicians want to make damned sure that you will not hurt the criminal who is going to rape/rob you! It is for your own good ya know.

    If someone from any town in Ma. that allows ‘Any Lawful Purpose’ as a reason, (as they all should) goes into Boston, they may carry a loaded concealed handgun for their protection. It is so strange to me that people will allow politicians to treat them as less of a U.S. citizen in some places, like Boston or Chicago or NYC by taking away their RIGHT to self defense. But that is exactly what people allow the mayors of these cities to do. It just amazes me. The only thing that will be assured is that there will be more innocent victims to violent crime.

    Just food for thought. Mark Shean, written 5-17-2010

One Response to “Boston:Police Issue warning 5 days after attack!”

  • nelly says:

    Well, didn’t you know a whistle is the best form of defense…give me a break. First of all as a woman that works in a city similar to boston, I can tell you first hand that bad stuff happens even in the day time. The theory of don’t walk alone at night (or anytime) may sound like a good idea but lets look at this realistically: is it really possible to have someone with you 24hrs a day? We work, we jog, we go shopping and I know I personnally do not have the benifit of a “life buddy” to keep me safe all day long. The whistle thing is not going to help much. I learned in a womans self defense class to never call “rape” if you are being attacked because no-one wants to get involved- but if you yell “fire” everyone will come running. Ironic. Same idea with the whistle- I mean yes someone may say “what was that” and go look, but how much time does that take? I once saw a quote and I can’t remember where I saw it but it said “I carry a gun because I can’t carry a cop” I like that. Anyways as always Mark I love your posts and tend to agree with you. I believe everyone who can carry should carry and carry always. A criminal ‘locks and loads’ when they are looking for trouble- how do we know when they will attack. Another good quote to leave with, “Id rather carry a gun and never need it, than to need it and not have it”. Note: Great Insight from a womens point of view, as always Nelly, how about this quote, “I carry a gun because I can’t carry a cop.” 🙂 Mark.

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