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Concealed Carry

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Roman General Marcus Aurelius 121-180 BC : {“Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present”}

Confederate General Robert E. Lee 1807-1870 : {” We must expect reverses, even defeats. They are sent to teach us wisdom and prudence, to call forth greater energies, and to prevent our falling into greater disasters”}

Union General William Tecumseh Sherman 1820-1891 :{“If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast”}

Union General John A. Logan 1826-1886 ,  :{“Let no vandalism of avarice or neglect, nor ravages of time, testify to the present or to the coming generations, that we have forgotten, as a people, the cost of a free and undivided Republic”}    NOTE: This was his hope about Memorial Day, a tradition which he began. note: [avarice], meaning “excessive or insatiable desire or greed”. MS

U.S. Army General Douglas MacArthur 1880-1964 : {” I am concerned for the security of our great Nation; not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within”}

U.S. Army General George S. Patton 1885-1945 : {“Prepare for the unknown by studying how others in the past have coped with the unforeseeable and the unpredictable”}

U.S Army General Omar N. Bradley 1893-1981 : {“We need to learn to set our course by the stars, not by the light of every passing ship”}

 Submitted by Mark Shean 5-31-2010

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    Is it me, or can the worst man made ecological disaster in the history of the United States and possibly the World, be regulated to a mere tiny ‘blip’ in the overall news? It has been slowly dawning on me, (where?) is the extensive coverage that something of this magnitude demands? I remember the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska, the media was all over that environmental disaster for months on end, as they should have been. It was kept on the front burner, ‘in your face’ coverage on every aspect of the tragic impact it was having on the Alaskan ecology, wildlife and people.

    What boggles my mind, knowing that this has already surpassed the equivalent of  many Exxon Valdez disasters, and has just kept on going and going,  that the lame-stream media is damned near keeping it off the radar screen, underplaying the hell out of it!! WHY!?

    I hate to think of this, but if it is true, this country has sunk to an all new level of political depravity. I do not want to look at it from this angle. But it is starting to look like the only thing that can make any sense to me.  During the Exxon Valdez  disaster, which happened on March 24- 1989, George H.W. Bush (R) had just taken over the reins as our 41st President. And knowing  the lame stream media is far left of center, would the media use the tragedy solely to harass and embarrass a Republican White House? Based on what I see now, in retrospect, it appears they did just that, not for any actual or real concern for the spill itself. It would then naturally follow, now that a Democrat is in the White House, the media is doing their level best to minimize a tragedy that has already eclipsed, by many times, the Exxon Valdez! Unconscionable! Freedom of the press my a**!!! Freedom to manipulate the truth would be far more accurate! It is downright criminal behaviour!

    It makes me sick to even think that this would be played out as politics as usual knowing the horrendous impact this has and will have on the environment, wildlife and countless people for many decades to come. Everything is effected, extinction of entire species are rumored! Where are all the Eco-terrorists tree huggers screaming at the tops of their lungs?! Why is there seemingly an atmosphere of apathy over something bordering such epic proportions!? 

    I do not care to hear anything from the oil companies concerning who is to blame over this. THEY ARE ALL TO BLAME!!!  These oil rigs are their venture, not yours, not mine. British Petroleum (BP), Halliburton, and Trans Ocean should be made to pay the cleanup bill jointly, and all costs related to this disaster,  not a penny from the U.S. tax payer for this mess! The chemicals being used to ‘disperse’  the oil  are as bad or worse than the oil itself on the environment!! Change the law, make it retroactive, NO CAP on damages!!! EVER!!  These companies are drilling for oil for one reason as we all know, to make unimaginably huge profits, as they have done for years. That’s OK. What is not OK  is they play the game of rising gas prices each summer knowing everyone is taking trips, and lowering the prices of gas, (but not heating oil) in the fall when everyone is back home. The oil companies spend more money in Washington to ‘sway’,(buy) politicians than all other lobbiests  put together, that should be a clue to why politicians are not working for us. Why be a politician when you can own one or more of them? This is why politicians are so low key/careful, (but getting more nervous daily, due to public pressure from the ‘little people’) about really tearing into their benefactors in a public forum.

    I did seven years as a U.S. Merchant Marine working  mainly on old  W W ll era oil tankers. I was only a mere worker-bee. In the late 70s there was an invented ‘gas shortage’, I was on an oil tanker off shore near the port of Corpus Christi Texas sitting there at anchor. On shore, all over the country, there was gas rationing going on. If your license plate ended in an even number you could get gas on even numbered days, odd numbers on the opposite days. Some of you will remember that time period. There were long lines at all the gas stations. Do you really believe for one second we were in a shortage? I can tell you first hand that at anchor all around me, as far as the eye could see were oil tankers waiting for the gas prices to go up, and at every port around the country was the same scene/story. It was all jointly orchestrated by the oil companies, we heard the officers talking about all the other ports.  Was it covered by an ‘objective’ news media trying to expose fraud? Of course not, Jimmy Carter (D) was in office, it never made the news, but I was a witness to it.  As soon as gas prices went up high enough the tankers weighed anchor and started coming into port to deliver their ‘endangered’ oil. Miraculously, end of gas ‘crisis’.   The point here is that I know oil companies play games to inflate their profits, do not let the bastards fool you, or the long term incumbent politicians who owe their allegiance to big oil!

    I read in the paper today possibly the largest lie that I have ever knowingly read at any time in my life, it was dealing with the BP oil catastrophe. The headline stated that as of  “today”  they estimate this oil spill to have surpassed the Exxon Valdez disaster! I would think it to be funny if this whole thing were not so destructive and harmful overall. We are now pushing 45 days into this mess. I can tell you why that headline is such a lie to those who understand the oil shipping industry from working on oil tankers. FACT: An oil tanker can be fully loaded, trimmed and sent on its way easily within 24 hours. Ask any tanker Captain or crew member.  They are trying to tell you/us,  that after a whopping 45 DAYS of this gusher, they could only have filled ONE oil tanker!!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!  And just now I read in the papers that the ‘experts‘ feel they may have under estimated the spill, (NO KIDDING!)  that it may be two to five times the rate originally thought per day!!!  And I will bet these morons are being conservative, (on purpose) on that guess-timate!  We are all being taken for fools by the Obama Administration and their friends in the oil business, with the more than willing help of the media!!

    I am beside myself with worry for our country, you should be worried also.  If it were possible for a  disaster to ‘care’, this disaster would not care less what political party you belong to, of the color of your skin, or any damned thing else that people imagine  may set them apart from one another!  The bottom line is that this disaster is going to effect ALL of us, bar none, and it will be in a very negative way.   Should the oil companies pay? Your damned right they should pay!! EVERY G.D. PENNY!! Even if that means total bankruptcy for all of them, damn the Queen and the Royal families BP profits, right along with their cronies Halliburton and Trans Ocean!! Now go tell your so-called ‘Representatives’ who their REAL boss is!! 202-224-3121  or 1-800-762-8762 !


Mark Shean, written 5-27-2010

UPDATE: As of today, 8-8-2011, This story has vanished from the news, its been missing for a long time. There have been independent surveys of the ocean floor that show sludge for miles in all directions but no one is talking of the effects of this. Believe me, there are/will be effects whether or not the media and the Obama Administration bury this story. An omission of facts is the same as a lie to the American people, and the world.

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What do former Sen. Arlen Specter (D), former Gov. Jon Corzine (D) of New Jersey, former Gov. Creigh Deeds (D) of Virginia, and  of course Martha Coakley (D) of Massachusetts, all have in common? They all had campaigns where Obama came to ‘help’, in races they should never have lost, but did lose because they could not read the anger correctly of the voters. Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D) of Arkansas should ask Obama to stay far away from her race  in November, she is in an uphill battle as it is without the ‘political kiss of death’ from Obama.

    Incumbents from both parties do not yet get it, the Tea Party movement is real and building, it reared its political head when Rand Paul, a political unknown beat out the big Republican establishment pick Trey Grayson (R) in Kentucky. Both parties had better beware. They had better start reading the bills they may vote on. The Bill Of  Rights is obviously another bill our glorious Representatives have never bothered to read.

     The Mexican president, Felipe Calderon comes to the White House and bad mouths Arizona’s immigration law, incorrectly claiming that it profiles people, all the Democrats  leap to their feet in loud applause! Obama also stands and smiles as Mexico’s President rants against Arizona, he sure is a president we can all be proud of…..right.  All that showed to me, and to anyone who has read the new law in Arizona, is that the applauding imbeciles have not read that law, neither has Obama, Holder or El Presidente Felipe Calderon who says he  is “against any effort to criminalize migration”. He did not state that correctly, he should have said “illegal immigration”. 

    Here is an interesting little ‘factoid’ about Mexico that is not spoken by our White House or lame-stream media;  Mexican police and military  have standing orders to (‘shoot to kill’) anyone trying to illegally cross into Mexico, over its southern border. I am all for adopting that policy for our southern border, how about you? I am sure El Presidente Felipe Caleron would not mind our borrowing his own policy eh?

    As far as someone like Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, there should be a bill put forth that would stop politicians from playing ‘musical chairs’ with their party affiliation. It is not fair to the people who vote someone into office to represent them, only to have that person ‘jump a sinking ship’, (like a rat) mid term to save his or her a**  because of something they have done that only proves they represent no one but themselves. Every politician should be made, by law, to finish out the term for the party in which they were elected. If they want to change their party it should be done afterwards, (at their own expense, not the voters expense) they should have to fulfill their obligation to their constituents first and foremost, anything less is  dishonest and immoral!

   It really does not matter whatever  party the incumbent is in, the voters are pissed, and out for a political cleansing as they should be,  they will not be denied in November! I hope to Heaven that the ‘community organizer’ runs around in November to lend his political ‘clout’ to each and every candidate! That would be great!  Mark Shean, written 5-21-2010

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   This is an FYI about an amendment that has been put forward by Senator David Vitter (R-LA), It concerns our right to carry concealed handguns outside of our home states and is a good amendment that needs a push from us. This amendment points to Article lV, (4) Sec. 1  of the Constitution which is about Full Faith and Credit, which reads: (“Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, judicial proceedings of every other state, and Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof.”)

    I have posted two articles talking about Article lV Sec.1. (It is Already Black and White, 2002)-posted here on 4-15-2009,  and also, (Reciprocatory Law, To Recognize from State to State) posted here on 9-30-2009.  If you would like to look them up.

    Vitters amendment would do nothing more than force states that already allow for concealed carry to recognize all permits from every other state that already allows concealed carry. It would not try to change any laws of other states, just make them adhere to Article lV Sec.1 of the Constitution. It would mean you could legally carry anywhere any state allows concealed carry, as it should be.

    I feel that this is kind of redundant/silly, since it is already spelled out plainly in our Constitution, but go with the flow I guess. If you want to put a boot to the backside of your servant Senator to approve this amendment,  the numbers to reach into their ‘ivory towers’ are as follows: 202-224-3121 or toll free at 1-800-762-8762

    It is an election year, every incumbent will be worried about keeping their cozy throne of power, so they just might listen. But I hope that we will then toss the irresponsible bums out on their ears anyway, they are far to phony now to keep.

    Also under Article lV sec.2  Clause 1 Privileges and Immunities states:( “The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of citizens in the several states”) What is there not to understand here? It says to me clearly that our rights under citizenship in the United States does not begin and end in any state wherein we may live. Mark Shean, written 5-21-2010

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    Boston police are now warning women to take safety precautions while they hunt for a yet unknown sex predator. The attack happened at the Doubletree Hotel at 821 Washington St. Why did it take 5 days to put out this alert? You may not like the answer, your not going to think much of the advice given by the police either, at least I did not.

   Lets start with the ‘why’. The Boston Police have a policy of not  putting out community alerts until a pattern of assaults are detected. In other, more direct words, they need a few victims as ‘bait’ so they can begin to zero in on a suspect, doesn’t that make you women feel all nice and secure? More traumatized/destroyed women would be a good step for the direction of the investigation. Wow.

    Personally I think as soon as an assault happens anywhere the alert should go out, the maggot is going to do it again anyway, as history of such things show, that’s almost a certain no brain-er.  

    Now for the Police ‘advice’, or safety precautions you should take. 1. Don’t walk alone at night, (well, OK, good, but dont rapes happen during daylight hours also?) 2. Carry a cellphone, (again, OK, might be helpfull after the attack, it will not stop the attack). Last but certainly not least, 3. Keep a whistle within reach. (really, ya, OK, you feel better now?)

    My personal advice, get a gun license and carry a handgun. When/if attacked put as many holes in the SOB as fast as you can pull the trigger, why be bait for the police? This course of action will probably annoy/disappoint the police since they will not be able to chart more ruined lives by tracking additional attacks on a map with tacks to test their detective skills, but the upside is that possible victims that ‘never were’ will appreciate your good deed.  

    This information is for those of you that live within jurisdiction of the city of Boston. When you apply for your gun permit the police will want you to show proof that you are a member of a gun club before you will be allowed to fill out the application. This is, as far as I can tell, a ‘quirk’ unique to Boston only, just so you know. You do not need to already own a gun or have a gun license to join a gun club.  Also, unless your ‘connected’ the gun permit will be issued with the reason as ‘Target and Hunting only”, this means you cannot carry a concealed loaded handgun, as you could if you were issued the license for “Any Lawful Purpose” as most every other town does. The “Target and Hunting” means that you cannot defend yourself outside of your home, the police and politicians want to make damned sure that you will not hurt the criminal who is going to rape/rob you! It is for your own good ya know.

    If someone from any town in Ma. that allows ‘Any Lawful Purpose’ as a reason, (as they all should) goes into Boston, they may carry a loaded concealed handgun for their protection. It is so strange to me that people will allow politicians to treat them as less of a U.S. citizen in some places, like Boston or Chicago or NYC by taking away their RIGHT to self defense. But that is exactly what people allow the mayors of these cities to do. It just amazes me. The only thing that will be assured is that there will be more innocent victims to violent crime.

    Just food for thought. Mark Shean, written 5-17-2010

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     What do Sergio Duarte-High Representative for Disarmament affairs, and the rest of the United Nations foreign Ambassadors all have in common?  Here is a direct quote from Sergio: [“No doubt 2010 will be a busy year for multilateral efforts in the field of conventional small arms regulation”]. UNODA stands for United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs, and good ol Sergio Duarte is the figurehead, or mouthpiece of that organization. So what do they all have in common? For starters they work for the U.N., that’s a given. They all hate, with a vengeance, the United States, while at the same time sponging off our tax dollars to exist!  That huge sucking sound you hear coming from New York City is the U.N. taking our money to use it against us!  They are striving for a one world utopia free of conventional weapons, “small arms” ownership by civilians worldwide. They know that they can only disarm American citizens with the help of like-minded U.S. officials in high places, of which there seems to be an abundance….

    Our U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., William Malzahn, a Obama appointee, is one such ally. Here is a direct quote from Billy boy on the floor of the U.N. this year, [“His country is a strong supporter of the Register of Conventional Arms”]. “His country”, what country is he talking about? The United States? I can not think of anyone I know that would agree with him. He must mean Cuba, maybe China, right Billy boy?  That is only one of the affirmations Billy boy has made about the ATT. In stark contrast was John Bolton, who held the same post in the Bush Administration (as Malzahn now),  and said to a ‘shocked’ U.N., [“We do not support measures that prohibit civilian possession of small arms….The United States will not  join consensus on a final document that contains measures abrogating the constitutional right to bear arms”]. 

    Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, another Obama appointee, had this to say recently to the U.N., [” The United States is committed to actively pursuing a strong and robust treaty that contains the highest possible legally binding standards for the transfer of conventional weapons”].  Clinton and Malzahn both get their orders from Barak Obama, they don’t say these things on their own. They are not accountable to the voter, only to Obama.  The U.N. Security Council Resolution 1540 is something everyone should take a look at, it deals with disarmament, not only of Nuclear Weapons but also small arms.

    When the U.N. tries to curtail our Constitution with the help of Obama, the only roadblock in their way will be a supermajority vote, (51)of our Senate that would be needed to approve  and make binding the measure. You need to ask yourself, is there 51 in the Senate willing to give away our sovereignty to the U.N.? Are they willing to throw their political careers away for a bunch of money sponging foreigner’s that totally hate our way of life? Maybe, if it means bringing about a Global Government where they would be rewarded for their treason. I am certain Barak Obama would happily sign the measure into law given the chance!

     Where is the media on this issue? Where is Fox News ‘looking out for the folks’?  Maybe they, (the media in general) do not want the public at large to hear and decide for themselves. No news on any issue means no possible resistance, until after the fact. Is the media afraid of open and honest dialog? This story would not be just some small ‘blurb’ in the news.

    Should it be implemented, it would affect the free will of all future generations of Americans. There would be no chance for them to decide whether or not they could own firearms for protection or any other reason. This is precisely what our Founding Fathers wanted all future generations to have, freedom of choice, not only for defense but for the continuation of freedom as well.

    Beware of all U.S. politicians in league with the U.N., our best interests are not in the interest of a hateful U.N., our money is their top priority, they need it to continue their attacks on our Constitution along with the aid of some of our top elected/appointed ‘officials’.  

 Mark Shean, written 5-16-2010, continued on from 1-23-2010

UPDATE: As of 7-27-2011,  The UN is trying to now finalize the draft that they would like to become worldwide law with the help of 51 majority vote of our U.S. Senate. Call your Senators and tell/warn them to vote NO if they value their cozy little phony baloney titles/jobs/power.

UPDATE: 7-5-2012, Concerning the ATT;  Read the latest now on

 UPDATE: 7-28-2012   U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Worldwide Civilian Disarmament Plot Fails


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    I wrote an article titled “Arizona Controversy” a few days ago, in it I made reference to how our Ma. Representatives wanted to jump on the Arizona band wagon to show the tax payers that they cared and did not want to give away our tax money to illegal aliens. Guess what, they changed their minds! They voted instead not to check the people applying for state benefits to prove they’re U.S. citizens before handing out our tax money! 

     Now they have taken a really bizarre twist along with  Mayor ‘Mumbles’ Menino, wanting to boycott Arizona businesses that do business with Boston because ‘Mumbles’ and the ‘gang’ do not like the new Arizona law making illegal aliens illegal!  Mr. Felix Arroyo Jr. of the Boston City Council says, {“Anyone in this country who is breaking the law should be dealt with. But that is a completely separate issue from illegal immigration.”}

    Excuse me Mr. Felix Arroyo Jr., whoever the hell you think you are oh ‘exalted one’. Could you please clarify that for us lowly peasant tax payers? What part of  ‘illegal’ to you doesn’t mean breaking the law?

    Where were these ‘Representitives’ hatched? The three Arizona companies that have dealings with Boston can still do business, but only if they send Mumbles a letter denouncing the new anti-illegal Arizona law. How stupid to you does that sound? How impotent. Once again our glorious Representatives embarrass our state in the eyes of the nation.  I guess Arizona is probably all- a tremble at the anger coming from Boston politicians. Ya right!  Remember everybody, November elections are right around the bend, lets clean house!    Mark Shean written 5-7=10

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NOTE: (*After you receive your license, I can give you a familiarization shooting class with the gun(s) you bought so that you feel comfortable with it/them).

Why I do not have you shoot in the initial class;

 *In a nutshell, it is a waste of your time and extra money, read on… 

I have an educated, common sense theory as to why the state has not made shooting mandatory for the state certification (so far). The course is carefully titled Basic Firearm Safety with emphasis on thebasic, it covers gun laws and safety aspects. You do not want to run afoul of the gun laws in Ma., that is a point of the course.  The main reason I believe that shooting is not required can be summed up in one very big word, liabilityThe police are extremely careful about who will receive that little plastic gun license, they do an extensive background check before they will hand it out. Someone may be a felon. No one has done a background check on the people I initially see, that certainly is NOT my job.  I would not want to put guns into the hands of a felon who may only want to steal the firearm(s) and ammunition, endangering  me or anyone else at a range. That is number 1, my safety, call me selfish OK………….

     There is a very foolish push by a panel of left wing academic so-called ‘experts’ that would mandate you must shoot in this initial class to get your state certificate. Another words, to them its OK to endanger firearms instructors PRIOR to the background check! But no one is allowed the little plastic gun license prior to the background check, BRILLIANT!! I pray I NEVER get as ‘smart’ as these so-called academic ‘experts‘………..who must live in La La land.

     Prime example: Two instructors, Cris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, good instructors with good intensions, were murdered by Eddie Ray Routh while instructing him in firearms at the Rough Creek Lodge in Glen Rose Texas. They set him up with a firearm, briefed him on safety, he picked the gun up then killed them both.  Routh then stole the firearms and Cris Kyle’s vehicle. He was apprehended the next day. There was NO background check done on Routh prior to this double murder, they did not know his real motives……they had no idea he was already a felon.

Another prime example;

     Accidents  also come under the heading of liability. The state does not want to be sued for making shooting mandatory in case of an accident (so far). The Representative’s we elect may never be bright enough to balance a budget, (its easy to spend someone elses money) but they are not crazy.  Also the state would not want the appearance of discriminating against the disabled, etc, etc.

These things are legal and political  ‘landmines’  that will always be avoided. The state is perfectly willing to let private instructors take any falls should there be an accident, i.e. (the little boy in Westfield Ma.) I have something to say about that ‘accident’ in my blog. [Zero Gun Sense=Uzi sub-machine gun tragedy in Westfield Ma.*The instructors who do infer that shooting is required in Ma. do so at their own risk, and if they are careful/smart  they carry insurance which of course will drive the price of the class up to significantly impact your wallet. The state wide average runs around $155 per person, (a house call and/or discounts not included).

    *I do not believe, knowing what I have learned in a lifetime of shooting, that the extra cost is justified, this is where knowledge through experience comes in… If you already know how to shoot it is a waste of your time and additional money paying for the instructors liability insurance, range, ammo, guns, lights, targets, other overhead ect. to take a few shots. On the other hand a complete novice will not even begin to retain any of the fundamentals. I know I cannot instill the fundamentals of shooting by waving a ‘magic’ wand after a few rounds.


Well intentioned or not, the few shots taken are more about justifying their higher price for the course than anything else. I strongly advise that the novice would be far better served by joining a gun club, to learn from knowledgeable members who will gladly help, or by taking the time for a series of lessons from an instructor which most clubs have, to get you started down the right path, over time.

In my experience with this state course since 2000, I can say without a question that a majority of the people I come into contact with have had previous experience with firearms through one venue or another. Some had moved into the state and needed the course simply as a way to legally keep the guns they already own. Others through life experience and/or military training. Still others because they had just come to figure out that the old FID card that said ‘indefinite’ in their wallets was no longer indefinite, it had expired years ago, (Oct. 1998) to be exact, and had to be brought up to speed.

Then there are those who take the class because they want to legally keep guns that have been inherited, for sentimental or other reasons. There are people that want their spouse to have some knowledge of the firearms they keep in the house as well as the laws surrounding the proper storage of those guns. Then there are people that learn certain laws loosened in 2004 no longer keep them from getting their gun permits back,  lost years ago over something minor.

After looking at all that, it is not quite as dire as, “no one could possibly know anything about firearms or the proper use of them” until they talk to someone like me. I wouldn’t flatter myself for a second by thinking that egotistical nonsense. For the types of circumstances surrounding the people I have just mentioned, people like me are useful in helping them understand the Ma. state firearm laws so that they may stay in sync with them, as well as introducing/reiterating specific safety aspects.

Discovering the varied levels of firearm experience that I have come into contact with from class to class, really does not surprise me. On the contrary, considering that firearms are an American birthright, and are estimated to be numbered in the hundreds of millions throughout America, it would be foolish of anyone to think all people looking for a gun license are completely ignorant about firearms or incompetent in the handling of them. I cannot resist inserting a quote by one of Americas greatest Founding Fathers, (in my opinion) as it happens to punctuate what I have been saying about American citizens….

This is an excerpt from the very first session of Congress, made by our first President: {“Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself. They are the peoples liberty, teeth and keystone under independence, the rifle and the pistol are equally indispensable…more than 99% of them by their silence indicate that they are in safe sane hands. The very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference. When firearms go, all goes, we need them every hour”} GEORGE WASHINGTON-

      Note: The word ‘Keystone’ is from 1630, it means; The central supporting element of a whole. Synonyms include; principle, foundation, basis. It is obvious to me, the meaning is clear, firearms and American citizens have had, and will continue to have a long standing ‘relationship’ with firearms. You hear that all you socialist ‘progressives’ ?  We will run many of you out of office over time, my preference would be to have them all tarred and feathered and run out on a rail, or jailed for breaking their Oath to uphold the Entire Constitution…..charged as traitors!

Mark Shean- written 5-2-2010

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