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Concealed Carry

If a Conservative doesn’t like guns, he doesn’t buy any. If a Liberal doesn’t like guns, he wants all guns outlawed, and will try to undermine the Constitution to do it. (Can you say ‘progressive’ democrats?

If a Conservative sees a foreign threat, he thinks about ways to defeat his enemy. A Liberal wonders how he can surrender gracefully and still look good. Can you say (set time frame exit strategy)?

If a Conservative is down-and-out, he thinks about how he may better his situation. A Liberal wonders who is going to take care of him, (can you say welfare)?

If a Conservative decides he needs a health care plan, he goes about shopping for it, or he may choose a job that provides it. A Liberal demands that the rest of us provide his health care, can you say (Obamacare) or (Romneycare)?

If a Conservative doesn’t like a radio or TV show host, he switches the channel. Liberals demand that those they don’t like be shut down.            NOTE: Shut down through the proposed implementation of  their so-called Fairness Doctrine. The only problem is that there is nothing fair about it for conservative points of view, it would silence those views. Lets make sure that does not happen, be aware, pay attention. M.S.

A Conservative does not believe that murderous enemy terrorist combatants, who intentionally target civilians, should be given  Constitutional rights, he believes those rights are to be reserved for America citizens.  Liberal, (progressives) want to extend our rights and protections to foreign terrorists,(and illegals in general) with no thought of the exorbitant cost to the tax payer of course, or the deficit.

Some ideas from other sources, heavily edited, with ‘factoids’ added by me. I thought these things ring so true that I should share them. Add your examples to the list please, no ‘fairness doctrine’, (i.e. censorship) is enforced here. Mark Shean, submitted 4-20-2010

2 Responses to “Liberal vs. Conservative”

  • Taliesin says:

    You raise some good points. I have to take a couple exceptions, here, and provide these not to argue…I just feel it’s important to consider these things.

    1. The War – This is a large discussion, and we won’t sway anyone here. I merely wish to ask some questions.
    A. How much of the terrorists’ hatred of us is partially brought about by our meddling in their countries’ affairs? I do not wish to imply that we “caused” or “deserved” 9/11, or to imply that their despicable action is in any way justified. I merely wish to ask us all to consider the consequences of our involvement in the running of these other countries.
    B. What are the conditions for victory for the war in the middle east? When will we consider the war “won”? Or is this a perpetual military action, like our peacekeeping in Germany, and in any of the other 100+ countries wherein we have military bases? Who’s counting the cost to the taxpayer of these expensive military installations?
    C. How can we have a war if war was never declared by the Congress? That’s clearly stated as a reserved responsibility by Congress in the Constitution. If Congress does not declare war, we do not have a war. And no, Congress cannot just delegate its responsibilities to the President or anyone else.

    2. Rights – You talk about enemy combatants not having Constitutional rights. I would posit you could not be more wrong here. Are rights granted by governments? This is not what our Founding Fathers intended. Read the Declaration. Rights are granted by the Creator, and He grants them to ALL men. Furthermore, Article 3, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution states that the Judicial power extends, among many other groups, to controversies between States and foreign States, Citizens, or Subjects. Can’t get much clearer than that. If you don’t think the terrorists have the right to a speedy trial by a jury of their peers, then you are at odds with the Constitution.

    Before labeling me as a Liberal, progressive, leftist, or any other inaccurate title, I will state that I am a Constitutionalist. My registered party is Libertarian, but I am what most would consider to be a Conservative. However, unlike a Republican, I am not willing to ignore the Constitution when it is inconvenient.

    Again, you make some great points, most of which I agree with. Just wanted to make those couple points.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Thank you for your comments Taliesin, I am open to all points of view, your more than welcome to come back anytime, no Fairness Doctrine here. As far as our involvement in others affairs, you can trace that back to President Taft and ‘expanding’ US presence around the world, he started the mess so-to speak. I have never felt we should ‘police’ the world. The middle east has been at war for over a thousand years and we will never stop them from the deep hate they feel, it is, has and always will be futile. Vietnam was never a declared war, it was a ‘police action’ if politicians let the generals do what they train to do, we would have wrapped up Vietnam and any war we enter, provided it is declared a war. On Rights, we can not provide our enemys with peers, we have never extended Constitutional rights to past enemy combatants, we provided military tribunals for war crimes such as the Nuremberg Trials after WWll. I also believe in the Constitution and consider politicians who swear to uphold it but then try to subvert it, traitors that should be tried and thrown in jail.

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