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Concealed Carry

   The Governor of Arizona signed a law the other day that basically says that it will now be illegal to be illegally in Arizona if you are an illegal alien. Wow, go figure, this begs the question, is that legal? Obama wants to know! 

   I think it is a shot across the bow by Arizona to Congress for not enforcing Federal laws on illegal immigration, against those caught in the United States. Someone had to start the ball rolling and Arizona has. It is good to see.  I think it will have a snowball effect with the other South West states being forced to follow suit if they do not want to absorb all the overflow of illegals skirting around Arizona.

   The problem has been ignored for far to long by D.C., states, i.e. (tax payers) can not sustain the financial burden of supporting  hundreds of thousands of illegals,(in Arizona alone) indefinitely, in this economy, nor should the tax payer be made too. Hell, supporting  the empty suits in Washington and all their lame brained ideas is a big enough  burden on the tax payer these days as it is. Obviously they all want to curry favor with the illegals to gain the Hispanic vote, that’s as plain as Nancy Pelosi is clueless,  a blind man could see it! Beware any sudden “comprehensive” immigration reform. You know what folks, it has always been against the law to come into the country by bypassing the the Immigration Department. Nothing needs to be reformed or reinvented, just enforced!

On the home front here in Massachusetts, The politicians are gearing up to show the angry voters that they really do care about the illegal immigration problem, suddenly, (on the heels of Arizona’s example) in light of the polls showing that 85% of Americans agree with Arizona. This is a perfect example of  ‘a day late and a dollar short’.  

   Now our glorious Representatives want to enact legislation that would “force state departments offering taxpayer funded assistance to check the applicant with federal immigration authorities first”. I do not want to sound skeptical or cynical, but does this mean that before this possible ‘pending’ legislation, anyone who held out their hand for tax payer assistance in this state got it with no questions asked? And now our glorious leaders would have you believe that they DID NOT KNOW!? Come on! Where’s the broom? It is time to make a very clean sweep in November! Mark Shean, written 4-28-2010

One Response to “Arizona Controversy”

  • nelly says:

    I would just like to say that was incredible. I am sorry if it hurts the feelings of the illegal immergrants that we want to know if they are legal. I work my butt off to pay for the things I need and so don’t most of the Americans here. We would not have the unemployment rate we do if illegal immergrants didn’t have our jobs. It may seem cruel and for the record I do care for all humans but let our country worry and take care of our people before giving everything to the ones that jump the fence. It is sad that I would have a bigger house and more money if I wasn’t born here. How about taking care of our citizens and worrying about our homeless, hungry and orphaned children before saving the rest world. I used to work in a factory where most of the people didn’t speak english and were not leagally here, one day after a woman got off her break I (born in america-legal citizen) was working on her mechine and she had the nerve to say in broken english ” She took my job”. I flipped- are you serious? I looked her dead in the eye and told her that her and the others there where taking the jobs of my family and my people and that I would be damned if I was going to listen to an illegal immergrant whine at me saying I took something from them. First of all we are in America, I am American, I should hold the job before someone that has jumped a fence. If we didn’t pay for the people who don’t belong here then maybe- just maybe we could take care of our own. It may seem harsh and cruel but simply put-we need to take care of our own first…period.

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