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Concealed Carry

If you have been denied in you’re quest for a firearm permit, (LTC) here in Ma. due to a past misdemeanor conviction(s),  there is a process that you may initiate to try to counter the denial by your police chief. You need to realize though that if the Firearms License Review Board, a 7 member board, finds in your favor, that will be a good thing, but you’re police chief will still be making the final determination. He will look at you’re application in a different light if the review board has found in you’re favor, that will lend weight to you’re cause and may sway him to issue you a license. Initially he may only issue you a license with a restriction like ‘target and hunting only’ and the next time around in six years may issue the license you really want, so keep this in  mind.

This link gets you to their instructions and address;   Just copy and paste.

Another option for you would be to apply for an FID card first. With an FID card there are only 3 reasons you can be denied. The reasons are, 1. If you have not been a felon. 2. If you have not been a substance abuser within the last 5 years.  3. If you were not involuntarily placed in a mental institution within the last 5 years. Under the law no other reason/criteria for denial may be used when issuing an FID card. There are even exemptions to a couple of  these, (2, 3)  reasons.  As  a courtesy I have added the following  link for you to find instantly the ‘petition form’ needed, if your being denied a LTC, along with all related information.     Another link that gets you to the Criminal History Systems Board is,

For the Ma. Firearms Transaction List go;  choose the option you need.

Please go to the ‘Gun Sense’ page for all Gun Sense Articles from first to last.

  –>IMPORTANT NOTICE: Also,there is a non-profit group of lawyers under the name of Comm2A that may help if you have been denied an LTC due to an old conviction, or a minor firearms conviction or even a minor drug offense that may have caused you to lose your LTC/FID. If they take your case, there ‘may’ be no cost to you. Comm2A has multiple cases pending in federal court in an effort to ensure state firearms law treats all lawful residents fairly and equally. You can contact this group at  or  or 617-942-0660.


Mark Shean,   About Me

Reviews   written 4-11-2010

Gun Sense #13, Specific to Ma. Petition for Judicial Review

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8 Responses to “Gun Sense #20,’Misdemeanor’,Been Denied A Gun License in Ma. ?”

  • Tim Dargie says:

    I had my class A license for over 10 years I was denied by a recommendation from State police on Two Misdemeanors offenses Six years have gone by I reapply Waiting for the Chiefs decision State police are trying to persuade him to deny me

  • Tony g says:

    Mark, If I am denied based on “suitability” because of a couple fights in the past (no misdemeanors or felonies) and I don’t want to appeal, what are the repercussions? Can I never get a license in another state? Can I no longer rent at ranges? Thanks for info. -Tony

  • Mark Shean says:

    If there are no convictions, they can not deny you outside of statutory law unless they go before a judge to get his permission to do it…by all means, appeal it and read #13 and #39 Gun Sense.

  • Eric S. says:

    Hello Mark I have one misdemeanor on me and I went for my L.T.C and I am on my 8th week for the wait and my girlfriend went a few days after me and her ltc is active and already coming in the mail and I’m going to call my local police department but what should I do

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi Eric, the average wait is 4 months, so you are only half way there, be patient. Read #39 Gun Sense. What town are you in?

  • Eric S. says:

    I thank you for the fast reply I live in New Bedford and my elations is back at the headquarters of New Bedford because the FRB sent it back to them to overlook my application again because of my misdemeanor but I called and they said that he has to check with his supervisor to see if we missed anything other than that I don’t know what else to do

  • Alexander Sneed says:

    Hi, I want to apply for a L.T.C I don’t have any felonies but when I was 19 I was cited for driving without a license and never paid the fine. they issued a warrant and I was arrested for it went before a judge and just had to pay the 100 dollar fine. can they deny me for this if I was to apply for my L.T.C?

  • Mark Shean says:

    Alex, I do not believe that will raise to the level of denial. Make sure to read Gun Sense #39 carefully.

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