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Concealed Carry

    Dawn, 6AM, Sunday. This is the day that the Democrats, (progressives) in D.C. will take their historic vote on health care reform. The polls all show that the vast majority of Americans have said NO to this attempt at European style socialized health care. Polls taken from doctors show a very disturbing outcome, 50% of doctors say they will give up practicing medicine if this bill is passed. These doctors do not want to lose their decision making/patient doctor relationship to bureaucrat’s in Washington who have no medical backgrounds, do you? That should be very disturbing to most Americans, especially when there is already a shortage of General Practitioner’s.

    The progressives say they want thirty million people that do not have health care to be covered, they do not mention weather or not these people are citizens or illegals. They are more than willing to destroy health care of the majority of Americans, who like what they already have, for the sake of a few. The bill has over 2800 pages and has not yet been completed, so the vote will be taken on pending, unwritten information! So this is not just another case of pompous politicians not bothering to read a bill before they vote, they have not even finished writing it before they vote, a first!! This debacle was put online for America to read 72 hours before this vote was to be taken today, that alone smacks of deceit, the best speed reader, even if he could stay awake 72 hours would not have the time needed to read this monstrosity!

    A few things are known, (tip of the iceberg) for instance, there is a rider that would forgive all current student loans and the government would take over the student loan business from private institutions, what does this have to do with health care? We the tax payer would be saddled with paying off those loans! Politicians firmly believe that they can tax and spend their way out debt! No one outside of D.C. believes that. If you are opposed to abortion you will now be subsidising abortion through your taxes because of this bill!

” To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.” THOMAS JEFFERSON

    Socialized health care anywhere in the world has always been an expensive, dismal failure, what makes these morons think it will work in America? Whether or not this bill is passed today, the intent to force this on the American People should be remembered in November at the polls. That will be a time for retribution on a very large scale! written 3-21-2010 by-Mark Shean-

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