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Concealed Carry

     A couple of days ago Governor Patrick implemented a $5.00 fee/tax hike at the Registry of Motor Vehicles for all those who might actually have the gall to go there in person for basic services. Never mind that the fees collected already by the RMV are supposed to cover any expenses incurred for operating this state agency. It is not, and has never been intended to make a profit. After about a day of this punitive increase, (punitive because you would be charged extra for actually walking into your tax payer owned building, to use services from your tax payer paid government employees) it was rescinded by Gov. Patrick. Why was the $5.00 ‘fee’ rescinded? It was rescinded because many people raised the roof to their elected servants and those servants ‘suddenly’ became incensed and outraged, claiming that the increase was not fair to the fixed income elderly, or the poor whom could not afford computers to access the RMV!

       It is interesting to me that in an election year the politicians will listen to us peasants, maybe we should take advantage of this election year anomaly. We should now remind them we voted for the implementation of the death sentence that they refused to implement. How about remind them that we wanted term limits, that these embedded ticks refuse to make law. None of our ‘Representatives’ were the least bit ‘outraged’ when they increased the ‘fee’ for a gun permit from $25.00 to $100.00, a 300% increase! Gun owners on behalf of every citizen raised the roof over this increase, no one at the State House listened or cared. Put into perspective, five dollars at the RMV is chicken feed compared to $75.00. They should have been incensed over a 300% increase because it kept the same fixed income elderly, and the poor, (that they pretend to care about) from being able to afford what they should never have to be priced out of, their right to bear arms for self defense under our Constitution!

        Our ‘Representatives’, (and I use the term loosely) obviously decided that only those with the monetary means would be allowed to exercise their right to bear arms for self defense under the Second Amendment. Those who cannot afford it are at the mercy of the criminal element, now that is callous discrimination, blatant bias, and if you are a minority, racist! Obviously only those with enough money can exercise their rights and thus, are considered United States citizens in the view of our glorious ‘Representatives’? Maybe in an election year when many of them are jockeying for, and eyeing the Governors job, they are more apt to pretend they care? Many ‘Representatives’ have seen the writing on the wall and are ‘retiring’, (sure) this year. What it really boils down to is that they are trying to save face, to avoid publicly being axed by an irate and fed up public.

     This year I sorely hope the ‘lowly’ voter implements his own brand of term limits, at the voting booth. We need real Constitutional representation, not a bunch of self serving socialist ‘progressives’ in a one party state. -Mark Shean-written 3-6-2010

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