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Concealed Carry

Reviews  FLORIDA CCW Info.   Gun Sense #31, Frequently Asked Questions


I am getting more and more feedback from people around Massachusetts that have taken my State Basic Firearm Safety course, or took it somewhere else but could not get any answer(s) from where they took it, asking me about what they should say when the police chief of their town will not accept “Any Lawful Purpose” as good enough a reason for issuing the gun permit. He will issue them a restricted license for ‘target and hunting’ only, but later, they are told, if they can prove some good reasonto be issued an unrestricted license with a letter explaining ‘why’ you think you need an unrestricted  LTC the chief will consider it, but of course that can/will cost you another $100!

NOTE: ( My ‘Reason Letter’ is further down the page near the bottom in Bold type, you cant miss it ). Please read the whole page.

In my opinion this is meant to intimidate you, and is an illegal scheme/scam to charge honest people $100 twice by the state, it does absolutely zero to prevent crime, hell, I think it is a crime! Call your Representative,( 617-722-2000) if this is happening to you. If your Representative is not willing to stop the scheme/scam, then he/she is a willing participant in the scheme/scam, vote them out of office!

I have helped  people on a one to one basis in the past, but now will simplify things for everyone (and myself). I have already talked about arbitrary discretion and its disservice to the law abiding public in past articles for years, so I am not going to go there again. If you would like to read any of  my related articles some are listed below.  [Again, I strongly urge you to call your so-called state reps to complain about it. They might listen, but only if it is an election year….   I am going to give you a ‘template’ to use if your police chief tries to intimidate you in your legal pursuit for your right to self defense. The Second Amendment is not about ‘target and hunting’, this is a restriction some police chiefs coyly love to bluff you with/use.

One reason I decided to do this was because recently someone called me who had taken the class from someone else, that person knew someone who had taken the class from me. The place that had given him the class told him they could not help him, that they only give the required class and that was all. Shame on them! I believe in standing with my students or anyone else looking to exercise their gun rights as American citizens!

Police Dept. Firearm Policies in some Ma. Towns,

The following letter will be your guide as to how you can counter, and hopefully ‘satisfy’ the chief demanding such a (hoop) for you to jump through. If this does not satisfy him, then he is not trying to be reasonable, and nothing short of a Petition for Judicial Review will help if you are denied outright. In that case revert to Gun Sense #13  Specific to Ma. Petition for Judicial Review of my web site.  If the chief or his designate want to give you a permit for ‘target and hunting only’ even though you know your record or lack of a record does not warrant that decision, I advise that you politely tell them to deny you outright, and to put the denial in writing as to why they will not give it to you for ‘Any Lawful Purpose’. What the hell do they want for a reason? Any criminal intent!? See a great  letter at bottom of page from a past client.

They may argue that your not being denied,…. but you most certainly are being denied for the reason that you want it!  Dont accept less in the form of an unwarranted restriction like ‘target and hunting’.

Note: AS of 8-13-2014 the class B license is now gone, please read #41 Gun Sense.  Also, with that in mind, read: Gun Sense #30, Graduated Licenses,(D-A)under Ma. Law & “GREEN CARD” Info.  for definitions of the license’s. They know what they are doing is wrong, don’t allow it to happen.

Here is a letter designed to guide you; {Dear Chief of Police,(his name if you know it) I am currently applying for my class ‘A’ LTC and would like it for [ All Lawful Purposes] as this would cover any contingency/reason that I would ever need for its use. I am a devoted family man to my wife and children, and as such must think of their protection. I pray that I would never be forced into a situation by a criminal(s) that would put the lives of my family and/or myself in jeopardy, so while I hope for the best, I would like to be prepared for the worst, wherever I may lawfully do so.  

I realize that there are bad people in the world that do not follow the laws of man nor God. As important as I know the jobs of policemen are, I am not naive, I realize they can not be everywhere at once, especially in our homes at night guarding us. Is anyone anywhere truely safe from a violent criminal act? Not if the news is correct. This is why I feel strongly, that as the head of my household, the defense of my family is MY immediate duty and  responsibility, and it falls to me first and foremost. Thank you sir for your understanding in this matter.} (your name, address, and phone # should be at the end). This letter will not cover all individual circumstances but can easily be molded to your liking. Send it ‘certified‘ with a cc: to your attorney and put a copy in your file.  As I said before , it is merely a guide as to how to write down your humble reason(s) as you legally try to exercise your Second Amendment right to self defense!

Always, Always, Always! keep copies of all of your gun related information, including the state certificate for the gun safety class, along with your ‘letter’ in case you need it for proof in the future should you be unreasonably denied or injured because of such denial. Your concern about crime is real, most crime happens when the police are not around! Two articles concerning what I have written about, there are more, look around my blog.

(Some Ma. Police Departments, 2009)  

(Arbitrary Discretion 3-8-2007)

{Remember, Firearm Education Will Save Lives, Firearm Ignorance Can Take Lives}.  Ignorance of History could cost you your freedoms.

Mark Shean, Knowledge through Experiance

Gun Sense #29, Firearm Safety Test with relevance to Ma.

NOTE: Another game some towns put people through is letters from friends, even employers, go to Gun Sense # 33, Ma.”Letters of Recommendation”,Gun License Help.

Recently someone who had taken my class had followed my advice about how to handle a town that routinely would only give a restricted license to its peasants, the town he lives in is Wareham, you may want to read the following letter he sent me, with his permission I put in my website;

LETTER: Mark, I have been meaning to contact you and thank you for your help but I wanted to wait until I had good news….yesterday I picked up my class A license at the Wareham PD; a full five months after my interview, and almost seven months after I applied!

The interview went well and in fact….went down just as you suggested it might. I was told that they would “probably start me off with just an FID…”. I politely said, “no…not interested; if you want to reject my application do so in writing and I will appeal.”

I was then told that “We’re winning all the appeals…”. I replied, “well…you won’t win this one. I am a picture of stability. I’ve been in the same job for forty years, the same address for 30 years, I pay all my taxes & bills, I owe nobody anything, I’ve never been in trouble or arrested, and I’m not going to be the only one in this town without a gun. “If I don’t qualify…then nobody here does and you’ll have to defend virtually every permit you have given out to justify excluding me”.

The officer then said “well we didn’t give you a license to drive without a permit….why would we give you a permit to carry a handgun when you have no experience?” I said “well, I don’t have a right to drive, but I do have a constitutional right to have a weapon….and since you brought it up, I’ve had a driver’s license for 43 years, driven over one million miles, and not had one accident.”

At the end I said “look…I don’t own any property that I can’t just replace. I don’t own anything that’s worth hurting anyone or getting in trouble over…but I do have a wife and two daughters in a neighborhood that is becoming increasingly dangerous, and the police alone cannot guarantee their safety.” His response….”perfect”.

So again….thanks a lot for your help Mark, particularly with preparing me for that interview. Thomas, Wareham Ma. 9-15-2013

Very well said Tom!

Sincerely, Mark Shean-   About Me  Gun Sense # 33, Ma.”Letters of Recommendation”,Gun License Help.

Ma. Firearm Safety- written 3-21-2010

Reviews  Gun Sense #31, Frequently Asked Questions

For the Ma. Firearms Transaction list go;  choose the option you need.

Your comments/insight are welcomed, please leave some.

23 Responses to “Gun Sense #19, ‘Reason’ Letter for Ma. LTC”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    Thank you again Mark!!! This is a great help to those who may have an issue getting there classA license to carry. It is horrible that law abiding citizens have to jump through hoops for their guns but the criminals go to the street corner. I dont understand why it is so hard for govenment officials to see no matter how much they try to restrict guns the criminals who do not follow the laws will always have them!! The letter you have put in your post should help most people, and God help us all if it doesnt. I know I will protect myself and my family regardless of the consequince and I hope that the majority of the population would do the same. You would think that law enforcement would appreciate that us law abiding citizens are willing to stand up for our rights to live and that of others- it makes their job easier. I have rescently started reading the book Armed Response by David Kenik and it has a lot of useful and interesting information. On page 163 the book quotes that Citizens shoot and kill at least twice as many criminals as police do every year. Only 2% of civilian shootings involved an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal. The error rate for the police however is 11%, more than five times as high. So I ask any intellegent human being to come up with a good reason that cant be argued, as to why a law abiding citizen shouldnt be able to carry. The numbers show that more lives are saved and that more criminals are stopped…what is the problem. I will continue to argue with and inform the ignorant that it is a benifit to all that the good guys have the guns!!!! As always thank you for your information and I will continue to speak about the right to bear arms and the right to defend your life and others. With much respect always, Nelly

  • Betty says:

    People now days just don’t have the work ethic they used to have. I mean consider Mark, who wrote this post, he must have been working hard to write that good and it took a good bit of his time I am sure. I work at a newspaper with people who couldn’t write like this if they tried, and getting them to try is hard enough as it is. Nice work Mark! Note: Maybe they would write like this if they were not affraid of losing their jobs due to left wing editors at every stinking newspaper supressing the truth! Freedom of speech my A**!! But thank you. MS

  • nelly says:

    Looks like your getting famous Mark. I am so happy to see others commenting on your post. You give us good information in a matter of fact way. Your writing is very real which makes it unique. England “heard you” that is awesome. I know how much you have influenced me in your post and how much I have learned and been made aware of, I am happy to see that others are getting and accepting your messages. Again thank you for posting.

    Much respect, Nelly
    Thanks Nelly, your the best commentor Ive got, very blunt and truthful, I like that. As far as England goes, my site must be a real shocker to them where guns are banned! 🙂 Mark

  • Derek says:

    Hi I applied for my ltc here in fall river Massachusetts and received a letter back from my chief wanting me to explain my juvenile record from 15 years ago..I was looking for some ideas on how to word my letters..

  • Mark Shean says:

    As long as you describe what happened and the court outcome at that time truthfully that is all he should want.

  • Ederson says:


    My name is Ederson I live in Lowell MA I am trying to update my license I want some advice from you. My licence is restricted I can only have it at home and at the range its says sporting on the restriction. I called Lowell Police to see if i can change it they told me to call them back in two weeks I guess they ran out of applications or something. My question to you is, what piece of information you think I am going to need to provide to them? I do not own a business I feel like as a citizen I have the right to carry.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Ederson, Please read #39 and #19 Gun Sense fully. You are correct, you do have a right to carry but you need to educate yourself against the ‘games’ some police chiefs play on law abiding citizens for no good reason what-so-ever……also read # 41 G.S., Mark

  • Roderick says:

    For MA non-resident applications there is also a “reason” question (#13) as follows:

    “Provide (bolded,italics)detailed(/italics,bolded) reasons for requesting the issuance of a license. Be specific, as failure to do so will result in the return of your application.”

    As a non-resident, the protection of home “reason” does not not apply. Will a carefully, respectfully worded letter that’s purely about self-defense suffice? Also, because this is the out of state application, it does not go to a police chief but rather straight to the Firearms Records Bureau in Chelsea where I assume a rep from the MA State Police reviews it.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Roderick, You may want to reconsider getting the non resident license, it is only good for one year and costs $100 each year. It takes a minimum of 4 months to be approved each year meaning that in essence you only can use it for 8 months out of the year, to me that is not worth the headache. I do not know fully why you want it but if it is just to go shooting with friends in Ma. you can be a guest and shoot under their license when you visit. I am not sure why/who told you that home protection does not apply? You can ‘tweak’ my example letter how ever you want, it is a template.

  • Leah says:

    I have a question. I have been calling the licensing officer in my town. Hull. I have been calling for a month, even stopped in police station. They took my name and # as always, I have not received one phone call back. They will not accept applications until you speak with this officer first. Is this legal?

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi Leah, It may not be illegal but it is unethical. I would say now that you have to bypass the police, (who have decided to completely ignore you) and contact by email and follow it up by certified mail to your selectmen and your state reps. Ask them why you are being ignored and by extension, I am sure, many others are also. Send the emails to all of their email addresses at the same time so they can all see everyone else who got it and cc: it to ‘attorney’… so that everyone getting your email now knows you mean business and they will not be able to ignore you this time Leah. I am willing to bet money that you will be contacted very soon by the police to bring in your application! Make sure that you read #39, 22, 33, Gun Sense on my site. We sometimes must ‘create’ our own luck. 🙂

  • John says:

    Unfortunately, I live in Newton and I understand the city has a history of giving restricted LTCs to first time applicants. On the other hand, I also own a house in Dartmouth, MA which has a “better” reputation for providing unrestricted LTCs. Can I apply for my license in Dartmouth where I am a part-time resident?

  • Mark Shean says:

    Sorry John, it has to be in the town were you live the majority of the time. If you have a business in another town you can apply through that town. Read #39 Gun Sense all the way through if you want to legally counter an illegal restriction from your chief.

  • Cristine says:

    Hi Mark
    I am going to be getting my LTC certificate 9/3/2016 and I was wondering do I send my certified letter right after I get it? Also when does the $100.00 charge come into play? Is it after they tell you whether or not you get the license that the payment will be due?

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hello Cristine, Please read #39 Gun Sense and that should answer you as to what to expect. What town are you in?

  • Phil says:

    Hello Mark. I am getting ready to submit paperwork for my Ma ltc. I have a misdemeanor conviction that carried a 6 month suspended sentence 35 years ago. I have read that should not disqualify me to get my license? That is my only conviction for anything. Is that correct ? I live in bridgewater and have been told they restrict all first time applicants.

  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi Phil, please read #39 Gun Sense, it should be a help to you, and do not accept a restriction, #39 will guide you on how to do that. Mark

  • mark says:

    I recently purchased a new home in a new town. We are undergoing some renovation and have not moved in yet but I recieve mail there and are planning to be living there full time in a few weeks. shortly after I purchased the home I received a post card informing me to renew my LTC due to long processing times. Without thinking twice I went to the police station in the new town and submitted the application. I got a letter saying I was denied for innacurate information because I did not reside in that town. Im guessimg because we had not fully moved yet is where I made my error. I have no prior arrests and have not had so much as a speeding ticket in the last 10 years. Looking through the appeal petition document it mentions nothing about this type of situation only appeals about suitability amd prior convictions. This wad an honest mistake what should I do, can I appral this?

  • Mark Shean says:

    Please read #14 Gun Sense.

  • Ron says:

    Mark, thanks for the information in your site. Invaluable. I found this information in a Google search in September 2016.

    Reason Letter comments:

    Your ‘reason letter’ and discussion assisted me to write my own letter to the Superintendent of Police. I live in the City of Lowell and was granted an unrestricted LTC Class A large capacity. I took the time to obtain the requested training, obtained letters of recommendation and wrote my reason letter. Your site was extremely helpful to me in navigating these new waters that led to a successful outcome and granting of the license. Many thanks ! Ron

  • Mark Shean says:

    Your welcome Ron, I appreciate your email, many people come to my site daily with nary a word, glad that my site was a help to you. The information in here is the standard information that I give in all my classes since 2000. Most take classes elsewhere then come to me for answers they did not get elsewhere. Mark

  • Ambar says:

    Hi Mark,

    I live in Boston and I just got a restricted LTC. I wrote them a letter asking them to lift the restrictions and of course they refuse to. They’re pretty much telling me that if I don’t like it, to go appeal their decision in district court. I was trying to avoid that, since it sounds time consuming and expensive. But I’m out of options. Any advice?


  • Mark Shean says:

    Hi Ambar, I tell people in my class to ask first if a town/city will issue an unrestricted license, if thy say they issue it with a restriction like ‘Target and hunting’ or ‘Employment only’, have them give you a letter explaining why you are being denied the license that you want. Please read #39 Gun Sense. If you accepted a license already it is to late to appeal it and the police know this, that is why they give you a flip answer like ‘go appeal it’. They know the judge will ask you why you are appealing a license that you accepted?

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