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Concealed Carry

Thomas “Tip” O’Neill, long time speaker of the House in the U.S. Congress once declared, “all politics is local”. What he meant by this was that when it came right down to brass tacks the politicians would always vote in their own best interest to keep themselves in office. They would not do anything to jeopardize their cozy jobs, they would, at some point, actually listen to their constituents, you know, the people that elected them, those constituents! They would not allow bully tactics in D.C. to upset their little apple cart back home.

   In the wake of the health care vote that appears not to be the case anymore. An overwhelming majority of Americans, district by district, across the country(70%) said to their elected officials to vote NO on the health care bill, they were completely and utterly ignored. This flies in the face of political common sense. This flies in the face of why these so-called Representatives were even sent to Washington. They were sent to represent their individual districts, and that is all they are sent to do.

    Their districts spoke to obviously deaf politicians, and these politicians are willing to throw themselves on the sword of political suicide to push an unpopular agenda. They will pay for that arrogance. I have heard some politicians speak about the vote as being for the “common good”, they were not sent to represent the ‘common good’ whatever that means.  

    When Scott Brown was sent to D.C. from the bluest of blue states, put in the seat that a Kennedy left no less, it was a clear ‘cease and desist’ message on the health care bill, and for awhile it almost looked like the politicians understood the message. The People need jobs and that need has been ignored since the Dems, (progressives) took office, the problem is still being ignored, and the country is now in a steep downward economic spiral.

     Are you angry? I know you are, bring that anger with you to the voting booth in November!  Bring all your friends and relatives! Lets make ‘all politics local’ again!  This Marxist health care bill will be repealed as soon as a Republican President steps into office once again, replacing the ‘community organizer’s  ‘Amateur Hour’ in office now.-Mark Shean- written 3-26-2010

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