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Concealed Carry

    Steve Forbes and Mike Huckabe have at least five things in common that I can readily call to mind. One is that they have both run for office as Presidential candidates, and were qualified to do so. Second, they both wanted smaller less intrusive Government. Third, they both have produced proof of birth, (original birth certificate) as required by law to run for President, and did not spend millions in courts to hide them from the public. Fourth they are intelligent men who have a firm grasp of economics, with prior experience in business and/or running a state government. Fifth, they were both advocates for a ‘flat tax’ or ‘fair tax’ system that would abolish the IRS, and they fully understand and explain the benefits this would bring to an economy on the verge of collapse. 

    To put it lightly, the IRS tax codes are a convoluted conundrum of conflicting contradictions. When given the same hypothetical tax problem, no two ‘tax experts’ can come up with the same answer. What chance do you think you have to get it right? It is designed that way to find anyone guilty, at any time, of ‘tax’ discrepancies/fraud. Lest we forget, we must sign our tax returns on penalty of perjury! Perjury is in the eye of the beholder, the IRS,  they can manipulate it how ever they want.

     The IRS should be abolished. The IRS is the epitome of a bottomless pit of incompetent bureaucracy. Both, Forbes and Huckabe recognize this and want to lift the burden, and threat, from the downtrodden middle class tax payer. Both men are absolutely correct, and the next candidate that comes along supporting the same views of abolishing the IRS we all had better pay close attention. Private sector employees should not hold some kind of a monopoly on being laid off, why should federal employees be exempt? I am sure the Mafia could use more muscle, and has openings that could absorb many IRS employees well versed in ruthless strong arm tactics. That could shorten the lines at the unemployment office.

    As it stands now, supporting the payroll for IRS employees and its infrastructure is like supporting another military branch, complete with its own fleet of aircraft carriers, air force, and all the layers of personnel that an operation like that would entail. Administrations have not been above using the IRS as a weapon of intimidation against their political opponents. Why would any politician, already corrupted by power, want to willingly lose such a weapon of intimidation? They need only point and let loose the IRS mad dogs to savagely do their bidding. I believe this is precisely why the subject of abolishing the IRS will never be brought forth by the present cowards in Congress.

    The fight to rid ourselves of the broken IRS, we must, by necessity, begin by ridding ourselves of politicians that have been embedded, like ticks, in office far too long, by replacing them with a new breed of politician that will not only broach the subject of eliminating the IRS, but will also do something about it. If that means a third party such as the Tea Party for instance, lets bring it on. I firmly believe the American public will overwhelmingly support a flat tax over the tax schemes/scams/intimidation tactics we all have endured for so long. Our country cannot begin to grow, as it could otherwise, while still under the thumb of a very confusing, (to be kind) and undeniably broken IRS tax code system.

    If this, or any administration is truly serious about lowering the deficit, and improving the economy, it could be started in a HUGE way by abolishing the incompetent IRS and going to a fair/flat tax. The savings to the American tax payer by not supporting such a huge burden would be immediately felt by all who work for a living! When every American is fearful of a Government entity such as the IRS, where could there be any redeeming quality for keeping such an entity?

    This quote, taken from the Herald, by columnist Don Fender, sums up the IRS nicely.  “If the IRS were a business audited by the IRS, its offices would be padlocked, its assets seized and its owners contemplating a stay at Allenwood Federal Prison Camp.”

Mark Shean- written 2-20-2010

One Response to “IRS, A Broken Sham”

  • Chuck Lindberg says:

    I support a flat tax. Lets abolish the IRS and its tyrannical ways. There is a grassroots movement thats brewing and I am all for getting back to a strong USA, so many leaders in the Republican Party are going in the SAME direction as the Dems just at different speeds. Thanks for the articles Mark. Chuck Lindberg NOTE: Your welcome Chuck. MS

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