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Concealed Carry

   The United Nations has wanted the United States to sign on to their draconian ATT for a long time, the ‘glitch’ though has been that it runs contrary to our Constitution and would completely nullify our Second Amendment, and our sovereignty.      

   Under our rules of government there must be a constitutional amendment proposed to repeal any of our amendments. The amendment must then be passed by two thirds of both houses of Congress and by three fourths of all of our state legislatures in order for any targeted amendment to be repealed.  So with this explanation you would think that there would have to be overwhelming support by the public in order to repeal any Amendment, just as the 21st Amendment repealed the 18Th Amendment’s prohibition on alcohol.

   But wait a minute, with a ‘treaty’ the process just mentioned can be bypassed.  All it would take is 69 Senators and the Presidential signature to implement it. Will that make you feel secure knowing what you have seen this Administration already do? The United Nations wants to disarm all individual citizens of the world through the so-called ATT, and this would include American citizens! The ATT would sweep away U.S. sovereignty at the stroke a pen by an unelected, Obama appointee, (the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton) with help from more than willing left wing Senators and President as accomplices/conspirators.  

   Prior, John Bolton was the Bush Administration’s Ambassador to the U.N., and he told a stunned United Nations; “We do not support measures that prohibit civilian possession of small arms…. The United States will not join consensus on a final document that contains measures abrogating the constitutional right to bear arms.”      

   Hillary Clinton is enthusiastically embracing the United Nations end-run around our Constitution! She is, with the Obama Administration’s approval, about to sign the ATT in what Democrats believe will finally tear the ‘inconvenient’ and ’embarrassing’ Second Amendment (road block) out of our Constitution once and for all, (so they think) disarming millions of Americans at the whim of the United Nations! What is completely perplexing to me is that none of the news media, including Fox has mentioned it? Do they even understand what is taking place? Or more to the point, do they care?  

   Under the U.N. charter, armed self-defense by private citizens-of any nation-is specifically not a “human right”. In fact, under the U.N. charter, “The right of self-defense in international law is not directed toward the preservation of lives of individuals…it is concerned only with the preservation of the State.” If the Obama Administration believes Americans will bow down to the will of the U.N. and socialist politicians on this issue, they had better bone-up on their history books, (the books that have not yet been rewritten by the Progressives). Starting with the American Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and the Civil War era’s in American history, and then they had better think long and hard about what Americans will do to preserve their freedoms. History can, and would, repeat itself.

Mark Shean-written 1-23-2010.

Note; A sobering word from a great American Founding Father: {“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”} Thomas Jefferson

One Response to “United Nations ATT (Arms Trade Treaty)”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    I just can not believe that this is happening and there is no news on it. This is the most dishonest political move out there. As a so called democracy we vote in people to represent us not make our decisions. If more of the public knew about this there would be an outrage. Thanks to you Mark, more and more people will know the dirty little tricks that the government has hidden and then all of us can pass it on to all the people we know. I hope that others speak as loud as you do. Ironically my Dad has never really had an intrest in carrying- never had a problem with it but has always lived in an area where he didnt believe he needed too. Now my Dad is thinking about getting his Class A not to defend himself from his neighbors but from the people who claim to represent us. Things will get hard and unfortunatly eventually blood my shed, but the Citizens of the United States will not be herded like cattle, we will not lay down our guns and we will not lose our freedom!!!! I rather die defending the freedom of myself and fellow citizens then become cattle to tyrants. WE ARE CITIZENS, OUR GOVENMENT WORKS FOR US- REMIND THEM OF THIS, WE WILL NOT LOSE OUR FREEDOM WE WILL NOT LAY DOWN OUR GUNS, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. Much respect always, Nelly. NOTE: With your very obvious passion I want you on my side Nelly! 🙂 Mark

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