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Concealed Carry

   This is a very crucial election that I hope everyone will be able to crawl away from the television set long enough to go vote on 1-19-2010. There is a very good chance for you to become a part of history by sending a Republican Senator to Washington, from Massachusetts no less, this is our chance to keep out a liberal wing nut Democrat, that will only bring more shame to our state. By electing Scott Brown you will have said in a loud and clear voice that you are fed up with Democrats,(progressives) giving away our state and our country. If you think it is important to destroy health care as it is now and make it socialized medicine for all, good service for none, then vote for Martha Coakley. If you work for a living and are tired of supporting all of those that don’t, vote for Scott Brown. Coakley arrogantly reused to debate Brown on TV because she feels this state is in the ‘bag’, why bother, she probably thinks Hitler could have won in this state if he had run as a Democrat, (that may be right). 

   If you follow the ‘polls’ Brown and Coakley are to close to call a winner yet, Independents are swinging to Brown 2 to 1, that is bad news for Coakley, the ‘lame’ stream liberal media is not reporting it, to ‘cover-up’ for Coakley. This close of a race is unprecedented for Massachusetts, that is why the ‘lame’ stream liberal media is trying to keep you in the dark, exercising their First Amendment no doubt. Let us send a huge message that no state is in the ‘bag’ for anyone in 2010!!! Let us shock Coakley! Let us shake Washington D.C. to its boots! Let us send Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate! D.C. will really go into a tail ‘spin’ when that happens! Democrats across the country will see the writing on the wall for what surely awaits them in November! But, Republicans had also better heed the will of the People or lose their comfy little seats to a new breed of Republican politician that will serve our interests first, instead of their own.

   Term limits are in our hands in 2010! Let us rid ourselves of ALL of those politicians that have not listened, from BOTH sides of the aisle! There is not much time, please get out the message to all of your friends and families! It is time we stop being ‘We the Problem’. Let’s make history as We the People! Mark Shean- written 1-9-2010

3 Responses to “Scott Brown (R) for Senate on 1-19-10”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    I would like to say that I very much support Scott Brown. I have noticed that Coakley seems to dance around a question which means she will dance around our issues. I like the way Brown answers each question and even more so I like the answers to the questions. Vote Brown and finally allow us to move forward. Our government should work and represent us and I believe that Brown will do just that. Nelly

  • Mark Shean says:

    Update, Martha decided to do a TV debate with Scott. I am guessing it was based on advice that this race is not in the bag after all, and she had better at least pretend to care about issues that will further cripple our economy, even though if elected she will become a willing party to it and has said as much by promising to push the crazy health care bill. The third party candidate, (Kennedy) I would speculate is running as a spoiler, to draw votes away from Scott, I think that this will probably backfire on Martha and instead draw votes away from her. The blue hairs, (die hard Kennedy voters) senior citizens, will probably think he is related to Teddy and, like drones, throw their support behind him instead of Martha!

  • Mark Shean says:

    Update, Obama is riding to the rescue of Coakely on Sunday, two days before the race. He tried that twice before where each Governor that he stumped& for LOST. I think this shows desparation on Obamas part. Coakly is supposed to win this blue state in a walk, now she is running for her political life! If she wins Obama will claim the credit, if she loses he will say she did not listen to his advice and ran a bad race. He will NEVER admit that the People are saying in a LOUD voice to STOP the run-away spending that is killing the country. That my friends is a very troubling disconnect between the White House/Demorats and the People.

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