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Concealed Carry

     In Massachusetts, as you read this, there is House Bill 2259 “An Act Relative to Civil Rights and Public Safety”, waiting to be passed. This bill has come about, in part, due to the archaic way that police chiefs from town to town and city to city invent ‘hoops’ against honest people that want only to exercise their right to self defense, there is nothing ‘uniform’ in the application process. The bill would impact the ability of those police chiefs who arbitrarily deny you, or arbitrarily restrict you your right to obtain a class ‘A’ LTC for ‘any lawful purpose’.  

   Arbitrary discretion is a dishonest disservice to honest people everywhere. The bill is sponsored by Representative George Peterson (R) 9th Worcester District, email,  phone#617-722-2100. The bill should have bipartisan support if your ‘rep’ values our freedoms? You would be well advised to contact your Representative’s and help give this bill a ‘shove’ to be passed. You may call the State House at 617-722-2000 (switchboard operator will connect you), don’t be bashful when it comes to protecting your rights!  Tell your Representative that there should be a “Shall Issue” clause for ‘Any Lawful Purpose’, within the bill, this would put a stop to arbitrary, capricious, or abuses of discretion by police chiefs once and for all, for the sake of all honest people.

   Shall Issue means that if you have a clean record, or something that may be in your record but does not rise to the level of denial, then you will get the license you applied for, very straight forward.  Honest people of the state need this bill, and it is up to you to let your Representative’s know that it is long, long over due. Call the State House and ask for the phone number to your Representative’s office, let him or her know that this is their chance to show they can actually work for us once in awhile. It is an election year, they might.  

   Let us ring in the new year with a bill that will give us back the unfettered freedom we need to defend ourselves, free of contrived, unwarrented restrictions placed upon our Second Amendment rights by, in some cases, politically appointed, unqualified ‘hacks’.

    Sincerely, Mark Shean- written 1-5-2010.  Now a word from one of our greatest Founding Fathers, he understood very well petty tyranny by individuals abusing  authority:

      {“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the Tyrants will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”} Thomas Jefferson

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  • Christian says:

    Now I know why so many people love this site Mark! They should be pushing their ‘reps’ to support the peoples rights! NOTE: You are correct Chris. Thank you, MS

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