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Concealed Carry

Yet again mother nature devastates another area in the world, (Haiti) with a powerful earthquake. When all is said and done the human toll may be high, the cost astronomical in this small impoverished nation. President Obama, like other presidents before him when natural disaster strikes, has promised help. Of course, this is the humanitarian, and right thing to do.

Even in the face of certain economic ruin at home, Americans will once again show that it has the most empathetic and generous people in the history of the world. How long can this generosity last? I believe the socialization of America will put an end to it eventually. I also believe that there is a better way to help the world where poverty/hunger are the rule and not the exception, I think it would create work, and give pride to the citizens of poor nations. Simply throwing money at a problem, as history shows, will not solve the problem. You can give food to the hungry today, but teach them to grow food and they will feed themselves forever, becoming independent of further outside help. When disasters strike around the world I never see other nations come to the financial rescue of these devastated areas in any significant way, do you? That burden is put squarely on the American tax payer, even as the rest of the world continues to hate us regardless of our humanitarian efforts.

If America doe’s not go bankrupt directly due to inept socialist politicians, it will most certainly go bankrupt by default due to disasters caused by mother nature around the world. America can not keep pace monetarily with these disasters indefinitely. I would like to see any president start a program that would teach the rest of the world to feed itself, and convince other nations to become partners in that effort.

The key to do that is through irrigation. Agriculture and irrigation go successfully hand in hand and can be taught. The ancient Roman Empire started building aqueducts around 312 BC, they built 11 of them totaling 359 miles coming into Rome, delivering about 50 million gallons of water each day! Rome also built aqueducts in Spain, North Africa, and France. One aqueduct built by Rome, in Segovia Spain, is still in use today. There is another type of aqueduct known as ‘qanats’ in use through the deserts of Iran today. Aqueducts can enable irrigation, and enable city’s to survive as they grow too large to be supported by local water sources, and most importantly help feed regions that are now starving. If the Roman Empire could put such ancient unmechanized technology to such good use, surely in this age of computers and space travel we should certainly be up to the task? Building these irrigation systems would put people to work, the end result would feed the hungry within their own boarders and help raise them from poverty and starvation in the process.

The population of the world is ever growing, and resources are becoming more depleted. If a concentrated effort to teach agriculture is not seriously considered the world will be in serious trouble within mere decades. In the long term it would save the American tax payer the burden of supporting the world. It would be preemptive, and in everyones best interest. -Mark Shean- written 1-13-2010

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  • windangyle6669 says:

    You would think that this would be a concept that our president who attended Harvard could come up with. My 12 year old daughter and my 10 yr old son put it very simply- give a man a fish he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. If my children know that you cant keep giving and expect a country to build why doesnt our president. Teach these people how to farm, fish, hunt, what ever it takes. Teach them how to build stronger homes and most of all teach them to work together, but i guess that our government hasnt learned to play nice so maybe we can send our small children to teach Haiti how to survive on there own. The minds of the children havent been corupted yet. Anyways it is a tragity what has happened in Haiti, and it is very very heartbreaking to watch fellow humans suffer- but we do have some suffering here as well. We have homeless and parentless children and buildings falling apart. When we finish teaching Haiti maybe we will learn something our selves. Nelly

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