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Concealed Carry

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The fight for freedom is an endless battle. Its victories are never final, its defeats are never permanent. Each generation must defend its heritage, for each seeming conquest gives rise to new forces that will attempt to substitute fresh means of oppression from the old. There can be no peace in a world of life and growth—every battle the fathers thought finished will have to be fought anew by their children if they wish to preserve and extend their freedom”. {NOTE; Written by Philip Van Doren Stern, from “The Drums of Morning” as published in the Oct. 1942 issue of Readers Digest, while the whole world waged a terrible war against oppression.

When I stumbled across it I thought it would be a fitting reminder, because nothing has changed. -Mark Shean- submitted 1-30-2010

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   From a May 1937 Readers Digest; “Long Before the Communist revolution in Russia transferred power from Kerensky’s provisional government to Lenon, all rights in private property, industry, and commercial enterprises had been destroyed. Step by step the labor unions had seized the plants; in every city of Russia and in every industry, shop committees had taken over management.

   What was Kerensky doing during this period? He was speaking on what he would do. He was seeking compromises. He was angling for a reunion of Socialist groups. He was secretly negotiating with conservatives and reactionaries. He was, in fact, doing nothing at all. He had created all the agencies of his own destruction, and they were at work. He had sought to be popular at the expense of righteous public morals. He had catered to the nether millions that he might listen to their cheers. Business men would make money, they felt, no matter what kind of politician was in power. In the end they had nothing. Their property, their human rights, even their lives were taken from them. The organized minority had focused its will on the seizure of property and government. The majority was engaged in every occupation but the defense of the rights of property and the rights of man. The minority smashed the majority because only the minority knew what it wanted. The majority was destroyed because it could not believe that it had to organize and fight to live.

   They woke up later, but it was too late. Their chance lay in government by law when Kerensky was in power. They missed their chance to resist every suggestion of compromise while they still possessed power. To compromise, say, with a kidnapper, you dare not say of kidnapping, “Perhaps kidnapping is, after all, not altogether wrong.” Yet men will view crimes equally severe and say,”Well, maybe there is another side to this question.” From July, 1917 to March, 1918, I saw this process.

    I have witnessed too many poisons mixed in the melting pot of compromise. When the sworn oath of office can become a subject for individual interpretation, when public officials ask themselves, “Must I serve the entire nation, or the pressure group that put me in power?”—-then the nation is bound to fail. Revolutions are successful when an organized minority discovers that the majority is split, is confused, is without vigilance. Then it is revolutionary tactics that will confound the majority by side issues, by beating the drums of progress and liberalism.

   The minority plays upon distress, creates emergencies, ridicules fundamentals. And all sorts of people are taken in by these tricks and they bow to the golden calf of humane proposals. Too late they learn that this emphatic humanity is only a veneer, only a sham in the rise to power. The minority stand upon the shoulders of those whom they fool only as long as they need protection. When they are strong enough, they destroy the props that supported them. The American people do not yet realize that they are in the first stage of a revolution. Yet all experience with revolution shows that seizure of private property is the first major battle in the destruction of any government.” {NOTE; Spooky comparison, Mr. Sokolsky obviously had a firm grasp on history and of evil in human nature.

   Do you see similarities today? I do. You would think he was writing about today! The tactics he wrote about are now being employed by ‘progressive democrats’ instead of Russians or unions, though I believe ‘progressives’ read from the same playbook. Obama has done nothing at all in his first year in office about jobs and the economy, what good is ‘health care’ to millions out of work, they want jobs! Obama has only catered to the far left pressure groups that put him in office. To be popular he is giving speeches almost daily to hear the cheers of the masses, as did Kerensky, and he has surrounded himself with appointed ‘czars’ who need not answer to the people, (something Congress must do something about) czar is Russian for ‘king.’ He has and is trying to take over private business/property on a scale that is unbelievable in scope, telling us all the time that it is the best thing for the country. Do you really believe that? I don’t.

   I believe that Obama is doing his best to destroy this country in one term and that he doe’s not give a hoot in hell about a second term. He said on the campaign trail how great America is, and in the very next breath said he would make fundamental changes to America! Why would you want to change America if you think it is ‘great’? That should have tipped all of us off to his socialist agenda. He wants to treat terrorists like common criminals, give them lawyers and Constitutional rights and have us pay with taxes for their defense!

   I view the ‘progressives’ as the minority trying to take over and tear down the very fabric of this nation through their lies and deceit. I view groups like the ACLU, ACORN, AARP, and the UNITED NATIONS as their accomplice’s undermining the core values and traditions of decent Americans by using our tax dollars against us, to prop themselves up as they propagate their attacks on our freedoms! The AARP is a little different, instead of using our tax dollars they take the money of their membership, the majority of which are conservative, and funnel it to the progressives without the memberships knowledge. If they found out, most would cancel their membership to AARP! The AARP was pushing Obama care hard!

   If we do not study and learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it. We need to cut the purse strings to ALL of these groups, that they may wither and die! This is an attack from within that we must recognize and fight before it is to late, as it was for the Russians. Thank God we are having mid term elections this November so that we may remove the progressive socialists that are bent on ruining our country.

After Scott Brown, many of them see the writing on the wall and are planning early retirement before the elections, GOOD RIDDANCE!! -Mark Shean- written 1-27-2010.  

Now a note from a Founding Father; { “To compel a man to subsidize with his taxes the propagation of ideas which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”} Thomas Jefferson

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   The United Nations has wanted the United States to sign on to their draconian ATT for a long time, the ‘glitch’ though has been that it runs contrary to our Constitution and would completely nullify our Second Amendment, and our sovereignty.      

   Under our rules of government there must be a constitutional amendment proposed to repeal any of our amendments. The amendment must then be passed by two thirds of both houses of Congress and by three fourths of all of our state legislatures in order for any targeted amendment to be repealed.  So with this explanation you would think that there would have to be overwhelming support by the public in order to repeal any Amendment, just as the 21st Amendment repealed the 18Th Amendment’s prohibition on alcohol.

   But wait a minute, with a ‘treaty’ the process just mentioned can be bypassed.  All it would take is 69 Senators and the Presidential signature to implement it. Will that make you feel secure knowing what you have seen this Administration already do? The United Nations wants to disarm all individual citizens of the world through the so-called ATT, and this would include American citizens! The ATT would sweep away U.S. sovereignty at the stroke a pen by an unelected, Obama appointee, (the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton) with help from more than willing left wing Senators and President as accomplices/conspirators.  

   Prior, John Bolton was the Bush Administration’s Ambassador to the U.N., and he told a stunned United Nations; “We do not support measures that prohibit civilian possession of small arms…. The United States will not join consensus on a final document that contains measures abrogating the constitutional right to bear arms.”      

   Hillary Clinton is enthusiastically embracing the United Nations end-run around our Constitution! She is, with the Obama Administration’s approval, about to sign the ATT in what Democrats believe will finally tear the ‘inconvenient’ and ’embarrassing’ Second Amendment (road block) out of our Constitution once and for all, (so they think) disarming millions of Americans at the whim of the United Nations! What is completely perplexing to me is that none of the news media, including Fox has mentioned it? Do they even understand what is taking place? Or more to the point, do they care?  

   Under the U.N. charter, armed self-defense by private citizens-of any nation-is specifically not a “human right”. In fact, under the U.N. charter, “The right of self-defense in international law is not directed toward the preservation of lives of individuals…it is concerned only with the preservation of the State.” If the Obama Administration believes Americans will bow down to the will of the U.N. and socialist politicians on this issue, they had better bone-up on their history books, (the books that have not yet been rewritten by the Progressives). Starting with the American Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, and the Civil War era’s in American history, and then they had better think long and hard about what Americans will do to preserve their freedoms. History can, and would, repeat itself.

Mark Shean-written 1-23-2010.

Note; A sobering word from a great American Founding Father: {“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”} Thomas Jefferson

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Mr. Brown goes to Washington! That has a catchy ring to it don’t you think so ? Next the book, then the movie, then the Presidency! Allow me to fantasize just a little bit, being from the bluest of all blue states where my vote has always been nothing more than a futile gesture.

   It would now appear in no uncertain terms that voters in Massachusetts are no longer brain dead. Up until now if your great great grandfather, your grand father, your father were Democrats then you too must only vote for democrats, mindlessly, like zombies, no matter what they said or stood for. You were taken completely for granted by the candidate who would merely coast to an ‘entitled’ victory for decades on end. Well that has changed now, the independent voter has turned that ‘entitlement’ notion on its head! Coakely lost precisely because of that mindset, she knew she was the democrat and thereby that ‘entitled’ her to the Senate seat/throne, her arrogance showed through loud and clear and it cost her.

   After her primary win she dropped out of sight for weeks while Scott Brown criss-crossed the state working hard to earn our votes. Obama came charging to her rescue two days before the election because the polls showed it to be a neck and neck race, he put his political capital on the line. Someone should have reminded Obama before he charged up here that in the primary race Massachusetts went for Hillary, not for him, he found that his so-called appeal was lost on people from the Bay State. The only ‘issue’ that the Democratic Machine thought would derail Mr. Brown was the fact that he drives a pick-up truck, just how out of touch does that make them look? A lot of people drive pick up trucks, so what? We cant all afford limousine’s.

   Mr. Brown ran a very conservative race, in Massachusetts no less. He said at all of his campaign stops that he would be the 41st vote to stop the health care bill. He said he would fight to lower taxes, and referenced JFK as also being an advocate to lower taxes. JFK would not be able to recognize the Democratic party of today, it has changed so. Mr. Brown said he was strong on defense and firmly believed that the Constitution was for American citizens and its rights should not be applied to enemy terrorists trying to kill us. He said that our tax dollars should never be used to buy lawyers to defend these enemy terrorists, (I think it is absurd to even entertain the notion let alone implement it). Mr. Brown let it be known in no uncertain terms that the so-called Kennedy/Democrat seat was neither, it was and always has been the Peoples seat! His message, and he stuck to it, obviously resonated with the educated voter.

   In the not to distant past his message would have slaughtered him at the polls in Massachusetts. Not any more, and it makes me proud of independent thinking Americans and to be American. A loud and clear message has been sent now to D.C., it should scare the hell out of politicians that up to now thought people will always only vote along party lines. This message is not about any political party, it is about Americans who are now totally fed up with politicians that will wantonly destroy the our country along party lines by not working together to solve the problems that real Americans face. If politicians in both parties miss this clear message there will surely be a total massacre at the ballot box in November.

   Democrats will be, and should be very nervous of a Presidential ‘visit’ by Obama in heated contests. An Obama visit to ‘help’ get someone elected should now be viewed as the political ‘kiss of death’ for any chance of winning. Obama visited New Jersey and Virginia multiple times to lend the weight of the White House to those races, both of those democrats LOST! He came to help out Martha, in a state where no democrat should ever need help, Martha LOST. You should stay home Obama, you no longer ‘walk on water’ in the voters minds, only in socialist European minds, and they cant vote for you. I can not wait to hear Obama’s State of the Union Address on the 27Th, I am sure it is being drastically rewritten, or should be in light of the ‘mind boggling’ turn of events in Massachusetts yesterday. Mark Shean- written 1-20-2010

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   Yet again mother nature devastates another area in the world, (Haiti) with a powerful earthquake. When all is said and done the human toll may be high, the cost astronomical in this small impoverished nation. President Obama, like other presidents before him when natural disaster strikes, has promised help. Of course, this is the humanitarian, and right thing to do.

   Even in the face of certain economic ruin at home, Americans will once again show that it has the most empathetic and generous people in the history of the world. How long can this generosity last? I believe the socialization of America will put an end to it eventually. I also believe that there is a better way to help the world where poverty/hunger are the rule and not the exception, I think it would create work, and give pride to the citizens of poor nations. Simply throwing money at a problem, as history shows, will not solve the problem. You can give food to the hungry today, but teach them to grow food and they will feed themselves forever, becoming independent of further outside help. When disasters strike around the world I never see other nations come to the financial rescue of these devastated areas in any significant way, do you? That burden is put squarely on the American tax payer, even as the rest of the world continues to hate us regardless of our humanitarian efforts.

   If America doe’s not go bankrupt directly due to inept socialist politicians, it will most certainly go bankrupt by default due to disasters caused by mother nature around the world. America can not keep pace monetarily with these disasters indefinitely. I would like to see any president start a program that would teach the rest of the world to feed itself, and convince other nations to become partners in that effort.

   The key to do that is through irrigation. Agriculture and irrigation go successfully hand in hand and can be taught. The ancient Roman Empire started building aqueducts around 312 BC, they built 11 of them totaling 359 miles coming into Rome, delivering about 50 million gallons of water each day! Rome also built aqueducts in Spain, North Africa, and France. One aqueduct built by Rome, in Segovia Spain, is still in use today. There is another type of aqueduct known as ‘qanats’ in use through the deserts of Iran today. Aqueducts can enable irrigation, and enable city’s to survive as they grow too large to be supported by local water sources, and most importantly help feed regions that are now starving. If the Roman Empire could put such ancient unmechanized technology to such good use, surely in this age of computers and space travel we should certainly be up to the task? Building these irrigation systems would put people to work, the end result would feed the hungry within their own boarders and help raise them from poverty and starvation in the process.

   The population of the world is ever growing, and resources are becoming more depleted. If a concentrated effort to teach agriculture is not seriously considered the world will be in serious trouble within mere decades. In the long term it would save the American tax payer the burden of supporting the world. It would be preemptive, and in everyones best interest. -Mark Shean- written 1-13-2010

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   This is a very crucial election that I hope everyone will be able to crawl away from the television set long enough to go vote on 1-19-2010. There is a very good chance for you to become a part of history by sending a Republican Senator to Washington, from Massachusetts no less, this is our chance to keep out a liberal wing nut Democrat, that will only bring more shame to our state. By electing Scott Brown you will have said in a loud and clear voice that you are fed up with Democrats,(progressives) giving away our state and our country. If you think it is important to destroy health care as it is now and make it socialized medicine for all, good service for none, then vote for Martha Coakley. If you work for a living and are tired of supporting all of those that don’t, vote for Scott Brown. Coakley arrogantly reused to debate Brown on TV because she feels this state is in the ‘bag’, why bother, she probably thinks Hitler could have won in this state if he had run as a Democrat, (that may be right). 

   If you follow the ‘polls’ Brown and Coakley are to close to call a winner yet, Independents are swinging to Brown 2 to 1, that is bad news for Coakley, the ‘lame’ stream liberal media is not reporting it, to ‘cover-up’ for Coakley. This close of a race is unprecedented for Massachusetts, that is why the ‘lame’ stream liberal media is trying to keep you in the dark, exercising their First Amendment no doubt. Let us send a huge message that no state is in the ‘bag’ for anyone in 2010!!! Let us shock Coakley! Let us shake Washington D.C. to its boots! Let us send Scott Brown to the U.S. Senate! D.C. will really go into a tail ‘spin’ when that happens! Democrats across the country will see the writing on the wall for what surely awaits them in November! But, Republicans had also better heed the will of the People or lose their comfy little seats to a new breed of Republican politician that will serve our interests first, instead of their own.

   Term limits are in our hands in 2010! Let us rid ourselves of ALL of those politicians that have not listened, from BOTH sides of the aisle! There is not much time, please get out the message to all of your friends and families! It is time we stop being ‘We the Problem’. Let’s make history as We the People! Mark Shean- written 1-9-2010

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     In Massachusetts, as you read this, there is House Bill 2259 “An Act Relative to Civil Rights and Public Safety”, waiting to be passed. This bill has come about, in part, due to the archaic way that police chiefs from town to town and city to city invent ‘hoops’ against honest people that want only to exercise their right to self defense, there is nothing ‘uniform’ in the application process. The bill would impact the ability of those police chiefs who arbitrarily deny you, or arbitrarily restrict you your right to obtain a class ‘A’ LTC for ‘any lawful purpose’.  

   Arbitrary discretion is a dishonest disservice to honest people everywhere. The bill is sponsored by Representative George Peterson (R) 9th Worcester District, email,  phone#617-722-2100. The bill should have bipartisan support if your ‘rep’ values our freedoms? You would be well advised to contact your Representative’s and help give this bill a ‘shove’ to be passed. You may call the State House at 617-722-2000 (switchboard operator will connect you), don’t be bashful when it comes to protecting your rights!  Tell your Representative that there should be a “Shall Issue” clause for ‘Any Lawful Purpose’, within the bill, this would put a stop to arbitrary, capricious, or abuses of discretion by police chiefs once and for all, for the sake of all honest people.

   Shall Issue means that if you have a clean record, or something that may be in your record but does not rise to the level of denial, then you will get the license you applied for, very straight forward.  Honest people of the state need this bill, and it is up to you to let your Representative’s know that it is long, long over due. Call the State House and ask for the phone number to your Representative’s office, let him or her know that this is their chance to show they can actually work for us once in awhile. It is an election year, they might.  

   Let us ring in the new year with a bill that will give us back the unfettered freedom we need to defend ourselves, free of contrived, unwarrented restrictions placed upon our Second Amendment rights by, in some cases, politically appointed, unqualified ‘hacks’.

    Sincerely, Mark Shean- written 1-5-2010.  Now a word from one of our greatest Founding Fathers, he understood very well petty tyranny by individuals abusing  authority:

      {“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the Tyrants will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”} Thomas Jefferson

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