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Concealed Carry


WHAT SHOULD YOU TEACH YOUR CHILD ABOUT GUN SAFETY? If you have decided that your child is not ready to be taught in a gun’s handling and use, teach him or her to follow these simple instructions: If you find a gun……..

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Gun Sense Massachusetts Gun Law Information and Common Sense Firearm Safety By Mark R. Shean Sr.

One Response to “Gun Sense #17, Parents Guide To Gun Safety page 2”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    I think that this was a very important post. Thank you Mark. My children are very aware of gun safety. My son can actually field strip every fire arm in our house and knows what each part does and how they work. My daughter is a pretty good shot with a .22 rifle. In the same respect they also know dont touch-get an adult. Our neighbors know about the firearms at our house and have taught their kids about gun safty even though they do not own any guns. At a very young age I was shooting a .22 rifle and was taught gun safety. I believe that the openess and honesty and stressing the safety of a firearm greatly reduces the chance of an accident. When a child knows the importance of firearm safety and handling and knows that it is not a toy, the mystery is taken away and the respect is put in place. Many adults also need this as well. My future mother in law tried to take my fiances loaded gun off his hip in our house one day because she wanted to see it. He responded very quickly and turned out of her reach but the anxiety was there. I was horrified that an adult would be that impulsive especially when my children would have known better. It is the ignorance of firearms and not being taught safety that leads to accidents. We have enough needless deaths due to criminals. Teaching gun safety will limit the amount of deaths caused by curiosity and ignorance. With respect and thanks, Nelly

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