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Concealed Carry


This next little segment will illustrate the confusion that is out there in the law enforcement community, and in general, on weather you can carry handguns out in the open or not. I do not blame law enforcement for this confusion, I blame the legislature for drafting archaic laws that could confuse Einstein!

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One Response to “Gun Sense #15, Concealed or Not Concealed, That is the Question…”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    I did some research on the open carry in mass and it seems that you get a slightly different answer depending on where you look. I personally think carrying concealed is the best way. There are two sides though to the open/conceal carry. Carrying open may stop something from happening. For example I am a 5′ 1″ female- if a mugger saw my revolver straped to my hip he probably wont mug me. Another example is if a robber walks into a resteraunt with the intention to rob the patrons and sees that there are a few people eating dinner with guns on their hip he may reconsider his ill intent. On the flip side if someone knows you are carrying and sees your gun then not only is the element of suprise taking away but this criminal has the chance to use your own gun against you. I feel concealed is the best bet but I do understand both arguments. I do also believe that we have the right to choose which we prefer. If society wasnt so set on the trigger pulling the finger and that the gun turns us into heartless criminals then the whole argument wouldnt matter. But unfortunatly too many people have the belief that the gun will make us a criminal and that the gun somehow has a mind of its own and makes its owner commit a crime. It is not the gun that commits the crime and it is not the trigger that pulls the finger- it is the criminal with the gun that CHOOSES to commit a crime with the gun. That right there is a great reason for the law abiding citizens to be able to carry and protect them selves from the criminal. A gun can take a life or save a life depending on whos hand it is in the gun does not make the decision to pull its own trigger. Last I knew there are no rougue guns out there commiting crimes on their own. Always a pleasure to read your posts and thanks again for giving us a place to speak. Nelly NOTE: Your welcome Nelly, Mark

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