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Concealed Carry

Written in 2009

We the People, in the good old days, (way, way back) that meant something, when people had better control of government, when people paid more attention and less taxes, when politicians meant their oath to office, before all kinds of electronic distractions. Now it begins WE the PROBLEM for sure.

Can we really blame the embedded hogs, (Representatives) feeding at the government trough? Not really. They have no idea that they may be doing anything wrong, why should they, they are never punished by WE the PROBLEM! They do as they please, not as we want. Our Representatives are caught acting inappropriately all the time, just open any newspaper or turn on any talk radio program, watch any television set. They will say anything just to get elected, and once they are in office they set about trying to change our Constitution to suit their own personal little agendas, and they never come through with any of those promises they made to get elected! Hell, they are in! The chase is on! Watch out! Incumbents never lose! No matter what happens, no matter how much of our tax money is wasted on pork projects and complete corruption, no matter how many immoral, or unethical or criminal scandals politicians are caught in they are rarely ever punished by WE the PROBLEM at the voting booth!.

Both parties stink, they could care less about you. Sure at voting time they lovvvve you, they surely take certain factions within each party for granted. They do not have to promise anything to get the hardliner, (brainless) votes. The so-called independent voters are the ones politicians will get real creative in their lies to snare, the coveted ‘swing’ voters. No matter how many decades we see their mugs again and again running for another four to six year term, we just keep rewarding them, over and over and over! Why in the world would they, or could they, ever know they have done anything wrong? Because of WE the PROBLEM re-electing them.

They draw up the laws they will not lower themselves to follow, these laws are meant for the ‘little people’, not for scofflaw politicians. Don’t forget that this problem is also at the state level, not just D.C.! I would love to see a third party mount a viable challenge, and win! Lets call it the American, or Constitutional or Tea Party. If that were to happen it would scare the bejesus out of the Republicans and the Democrats, really shake up their little house of ill repute so-to-speak.

We have a chance at the polls to really shake up the status quo, the incentive for change in D.C. is compelling. The health care debacle is one economic killer, the porkulus plan was another economic killer, bailing out huge firms with our tax dollars was extremely ill conceived and we are now heading for higher inflation just over the horizon. The morons in office don’t read the laws they pass! Do you really think that by voting the same faces back in every term you will somehow get a different result? Obviously WE the PROBLEM do, and have foolishly believed that! But will WE continue too?

Congress is a luxury liner with no apparent rudder, their only answer is to tax everything and everyone, in a recession no less!! WE the PROBLEM allow them. In we have a choice, we can remain WE the PROBLEM, or we can once more become WE the PEOPLE, whats it going to be? Are you fed up with the BS yet? Our Founding Fathers never intended for Representative’s to make careers or ‘dynasty’s’, or millions out of the job. Term limits not only for a President but for ALL of them! November tell them all with a hearty, YOUR FIRED!
Mark Shean-  written 11-24-2009

One Response to “WE the PROBLEM- (preamble to our ignorance)”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    I couldnt agree more. We all as people sit back and complain about the way things are going but one of two things happen at election time. Either we decide not to vote which is a big mistake or we decide to accept the same lines of it will be different this time or it takes time and to finish what we started or look at the bigger picture and we will keep the same people in office based on the same lies they gave us last time. If we could demand a revote 6 months after an election we would remember the lies they told and vote them out- but guess what- we cant. We can not continue to listen to the same old bs and promises. It is about time that we stop listening to what they intend to do and tell them what we expect them to do. I say get rid of them all and start again, it cant be worse then what we have now. Nelly

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