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Concealed Carry

The Obama Administration appointed Mr. Mark Lloyd as head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the “Diversity Czar”. Mr Lloyd has made statements about striping away the licenses of many conservative radio talk shows, and he is in a position now to do just that, exempt from Congressional debate or approval. Democrats in power would love that to happen, and will turn a blind eye, it would be no less than another full fledged attack on the First Amendment, just as the McCain /Finegold bill has been. This is an actual quote from Mark Lloyd; “Conservative talk radio dominates the airwaves of our country to the detriment of informed public discourse and the First Amendment”.

Just so you know, a so-called ‘Czar’, and Obama has appointed many, do not have to answer to Congress, they are their own little dictator wannabes. They are not elected by the people, they do not have to answer to we the people, and they should be done away with by Congress! Secretary of State Clinton is another appointee, unelected official, poised to sign a U.N. small arms agreement, (the ATT) that would take away every Americans Second Amendment rights at the stroke of her pen, with little debate in Congress! These ‘czar’s/appointees, only answer to Obama, and if he says nothing about what they do then he, in essence, wants them to usurp the Constitution, (some change)!

In the real world if you or I do not want to listen to conservative radio shows we turn the channel, that’s called freedom of choice, in Lloyds little dictatorship world he wants to silence conservative radio, (Fairness Doctrine), I do not hear Obama weigh in on this issue because he hates to be exposed by conservative radio. Why in the world do we need Congress if they cannot stop unconstitutional attacks by Obama’s Czars? If they cannot stop these Czars than what good is Congress to the American people? Maybe their only job is to spend our tax dollars like drunken sailors, they are experts at that.

We the People need to pressure Congress, tell them their cozy little jobs are on the line if they do not do something about eliminating these ‘Czars’. Czar’s need to be made formally unconstitutional! We the People put Congress in office for representation, and to hold them accountable in that representation, we do not want czars that are not elected by us, making decisions that are unaccountable to us, that is not the American way! That is the Communist way! As far as Mark Lloyd gearing up to shut down conservative talk radio, listen to the still relevant words of a great American:

{“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech“}BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Congress is suppose to be there for ‘checks and balances’, I don’t see any of that going on! Term limits in 2010!

-Mark Shean- Author of GUN SENSE, on Amazon


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