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This information is for those who live in Massachusetts and have either a Firearm Identification Card (FID) or a License to Carry permit (LTC). This information can save you from losing your gun permit and or paying a huge fine of $10,000; Any FID card holder or LTC licensee shall notify, in writing, the original licensing authority who issued said license, the chief of police into whose jurisdiction the licensee moves and the executive director of the criminal history systems board of any change of address. Such notification shall be made by certified mail, (with a return receipt for your protection) within 30 days of changing your address. Failure to do so shall be cause for revocation or suspension of said license.

Basically the state wants you to to photocopy the front side of your gun permit three (3) times, When you send in the states Change of Address Notification form, you send it to three (3) different places.

1. To the police chief in your old city or town,

2. To the police chief in your new city or town,

3. To the Firearms Record Bureau at 200 Arlington st. Suite 2200, in Chelsea Ma. 02150.


So you will attach to each notification form a copy of the (front) of your gun permit, and mail them out. It is very important that you file away the return receipts when they come back to you, in a safe place, later they may come in very handy as proof that you did what you were supposed to do. Police departments may (misfile) this information and not have it when you go to renew your permit in a new town later, so CYA. And if you trust the state not to (lose) your information,…..God bless you. I don’t trust the state to do anything efficiently except to create new tax burdens/fees.

Your local police stations should carry the Change of Address Notification forms if you need them, or the Firearms Record Bureau in Chelsea, (617-660-4780 or 4600) could mail them to you, or they can be downloaded  from the Ma. State Police website. You DO NOT need to fill them out if you’re only moving from one street in your town to another street within your town because you’re still in your town.

NOTE: If someone says that you must notify when moving out of state ask them to point out the section in the law where that is stated please….. The law does not mention out of state moves, in any way shape or form, you are not under ANY legal obligation to notify this state! Once you move to another state you will need to find out what that state requires, if anything, about gun licensing.

I put one copy of the form in each folder I hand out in class so that you can make as many copies as you need. Just keep in mind that the Change of Address Notification forms have explicit directions on them for your convenience, read them.

NOTE: As far as where the criminals live and keep their guns, no one knows, but by God, you should feel all warm and fuzzy knowing all the people least likely to commit crimes, (legal gun owners) are right under the thumb of big brother at all times, makes me feel good all over, and makes politicians feel that they have created something really special and important, ( impotent ). As far as the number of crimes this address notification form has prevented, there are no statistics readily available at this time, and there never will be…….

Renewal ‘Tip”:

    Your permit is good now for 6 years and expires on your birthday. You are supposed to get a ‘reminder’ notice to renew, but don’t hold your breath waiting for it to come, I have never seen one since 1970, I know some people that have and that have not got one. At least 3 months before it expires you should start the renewal process anyway, (please read Gun Sense #39) if you have started that process ‘prior’ to expiration, and your birthday comes before you have received your new permit, you will be given a receipt  along with your old gun permit, together they will be honored for as long as it takes the state to send you your new license. Please read Gun Sense #41.

Here is the ‘catch’, if your permit expires and you never started the renewal process,  you can/will lose your license/guns and, (in some towns) you will need to go through the safety class/process again before you can get them back, also you may be fined $500, as ridiculous as that fee sounds it is true and can be enforced! Hey, you keep these pinheads in office…..

So please, mark it on your calendar three months out, and try to pay attention. If you do not want to renew your license it is up to you to legally get rid of your firearm(s) prior to your license expiration so that you will not be in illegal possession of them. I know that ‘life’ sometimes can get in the way, that is why I give you this reminder. If you took my class you will know where I stand on this issue….Sincerely,

Mark Shean,  About Me

Reviews  Towns Served  FLORIDA CCW Info.  -written 11-30-2009, revised 8-13-2014

For Ma. Firearm Transaction list;  choose the option you need.


Your comments/insight are welcomed.

   We the People, in the good old days, (way, way back) that meant something, when people had better control of government, when people paid more attention and less taxes, when politicians meant their oath to office, before all kinds of electronic distractions. Now it begins WE the PROBLEM for sure.

   Can we really blame the embedded hogs, (Representatives) feeding at the government trough? Not really. They have no idea that they may be doing anything wrong, why should they, they are never punished by WE the PROBLEM! They do as they please, not as we want. Our Representatives are caught acting inappropriately all the time, just open any newspaper or turn on any talk radio program, watch any television set. They will say anything just to get elected, and once they are in office they set about trying to change our Constitution to suit their own personal little agendas, and they never come through with any of those promises they made to get elected! Hell, they are in! The chase is on! Watch out! Incumbents never lose! No matter what happens, no matter how much of our tax money is wasted on pork projects and complete corruption, no matter how many immoral, or unethical or criminal scandals politicians are caught in they are rarely ever punished by WE the PROBLEM at the voting booth!.

   Both parties stink, they could care less about you. Sure at voting time they lovvvve you, they surely take certain factions within each party for granted. They do not have to promise anything to get the hardliner, (brainless) votes. The so-called independent voters are the ones politicians will get real creative in their lies to snare, the coveted ‘swing’ voters. No matter how many decades we see their mugs again and again running for another four to six year term, we just keep rewarding them, over and over and over! Why in the world would they, or could they, ever know they have done anything wrong? Because of WE the PROBLEM re-electing them.

   They draw up the laws they will not lower themselves to follow, these laws are meant for the ‘little people’, not for scofflaw politicians. Don’t forget that this problem is also at the state level, not just D.C.! I would love to see a third party mount a viable challenge, and win! Lets call it the American, or Constitutional or Tea Party. If that were to happen it would scare the bejesus out of the Republicans and the Democrats, really shake up their little house of ill repute so-to-speak.

   We have a chance next Nov. 2010 to really shake up the status quo, the incentive for change in D.C. is compelling. The health care debacle is one economic killer, the porkulus plan was another economic killer, bailing out huge firms with our tax dollars was extremely ill conceived and we are now heading for hyper inflation just over the horizon. The morons in office don’t read the laws they pass! Do you really think that by voting the same faces back in every term you will somehow get a different result? Obviously WE the PROBLEM do and have foolishly believed that! But will WE continue too? 

   Congress is a luxury liner with no apparent rudder, their only answer is to tax everything and everyone, in a recession no less!! WE the PROBLEM allow them. In 2010 we have a choice, we can remain WE the PROBLEM, or we can once more become WE the PEOPLE, whats it going to be? Are you fed up with the BS yet? Our Founding Fathers never intended for Representative’s to make careers or ‘dynasty’s’ out of the job. Term limits in 2010, not only for a President but for ALL of them! November 2010 tell them all with a hearty, YOUR FIRED!
Mark Shean-  written 11-24-2009

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   The Obama Administration appointed Mr. Mark Lloyd as head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the “Diversity Czar”. Mr Lloyd has made statements about striping away the licenses of many conservative radio talk shows, and he is in a position now to do just that, exempt from Congressional debate or approval. Democrats in power would love that to happen, and will turn a blind eye, it would be no less than another full fledged attack on the First Amendment, just as the McCain /Finegold bill has been. This is an actual quote from Mark Lloyd; “Conservative talk radio dominates the airwaves of our country to the detriment of informed public discourse and the First Amendment”.

   Just so you know, a so-called ‘Czar’, and Obama has appointed many, do not have to answer to Congress, they are their own little dictator wannabes. They are not elected by the people, they do not have to answer to we the people, and they should be done away with by Congress! Secretary of State Clinton is another appointee, unelected official, poised to sign a U.N. small arms agreement, (the ATT) that would take away every Americans Second Amendment rights at the stroke of her pen, with little debate in Congress! These ‘czar’s/appointees, only answer to Obama, and if he says nothing about what they do then he, in essence, wants them to usurp the Constitution, (some change)!

   In the real world if you or I do not want to listen to conservative radio shows we turn the channel, that’s called freedom of choice, in Lloyds little dictatorship world he wants to silence conservative radio, (Fairness Doctrine), I do not hear Obama weigh in on this issue because he hates to be exposed by conservative radio. Why in the world do we need Congress if they cannot stop unconstitutional attacks by Obama’s Czars? If they cannot stop these Czars than what good is Congress to the American people? Maybe their only job is to spend our tax dollars like drunken sailors, they are experts at that.

   We the People need to pressure Congress, tell them their cozy little jobs are on the line if they do not do something about eliminating these ‘Czars’. Czar’s need to be made formally unconstitutional! We the People put Congress in office for representation, and to hold them accountable in that representation, we do not want czars that are not elected by us, making decisions that are unaccountable to us, that is not the American way! That is the Communist way! As far as Mark Lloyd gearing up to shut down conservative talk radio, listen to the still relevant words of a great American:

     {“Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech“}BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

   Congress is suppose to be there for ‘checks and balances’, I don’t see any of that going on! Term limits in 2010!

-Mark Shean- written 11-19-2009

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Gun Sense #44, KSG 12ga. Shotgun Demonstration

When I first heard the story of the tragedy of an 8 year old boy dieing at the Westfield Ma. gun club my initial reaction was anger at the gun club and sympathy for the young boy’s family. I had to wonder what was going on in the minds of these so-called firearm instructors? There had to have been more than one instructor at an event that allowed the public in to shoot. There also should have been a ‘Range Master’ overseeing the event and the other instructors. If all of these instructors were certified and dedicated to safety, it is hard for me to understand how this fatality would or could have happened? (But I do have a good idea.)

I have read that the 8 year old was being watched by a 15 year old ‘instructor’, OK, maybe this 15 year old could have been certified, how I’m not sure, but for sub machine guns, not very probable. In any case I would want proof of any certification, and in what discipline. The certifications should have all been on display. I have heard people say that the blame lies with the dead boys father, a doctor, I strongly disagree with that, and I will tell you why…

When we go to a doctor we entrust our care to him, we know that his field is medicine and that we should be in good hands even though we do not understand all he is doing. He has had years of education in his background. The same can be held as true for many other trades or professions. Examples can go on and on. In this case with the boys father, he brought his son to what looked to him to be an unusual and interesting event. This event was being run by people that were supposed to know what they were doing in the field of firearms, so the father placed his faith in that, as did many others that day.

There is a lot more that go’s into having the label of ‘Firearm Instructor’ on your shirt, you should have accumulated knowledge and understanding about many types of firearms and the characteristic’s. This can take years. An individual that becomes a firearm instructor should understand how to reload many types of ammunition and understand the ballistics, trajectories and pressures involved, and understand  basic kinetics. He should know how to strip down many kinds of firearms and understand the inner workings. At the very least, he should know how to instruct people in the proper mechanics or elements of shooting from very basic to advanced. To do this he needs to be able to study people in order to correct what they are doing wrong while they shoot. He should be no less than an expert shot himself in all manner of firearms* in order to impart more effectively what he knows to others about the fundamentals.

All this takes dedication to the sport. I feel very strongly that the 8 year old boy that died was not served by people with this dedication to the firearms sport, or he would be alive today.  *Did the 15 year old have all this accumulated knowledge?  I would say the answer is no, he has not lived long enough, or become mature enough. The people that were running the event actually allowed safety to be trumped by perceived ‘fun‘ which lead directly to the boys death. Firearms are far to unforgiving of foolish mistakes. When it comes to firearms a true instructor knows that safety can never be trumped by ‘fun’, it would never be allowed.  This death can be summed up in one unfortunate word, negligence.

   A micro Uzi is a fully automatic weapon and should have never, under any circumstances been placed in an 8 year old hands. A child that age is years away from having developed the muscular strength, coordination, or understanding to handle such a weapon, for this not to be understood by these so-called instructors is in and of itself criminal negligence in my opinion. What ever justice is meted out in court will have been fully deserved. I do not hold the 15 year old ‘instructor’ to blame, only the imbeciles that put him in charge. Sadly the court can never return the little boy to his family, but hopefully it will send a loud and clear message to gun clubs to have instructors that will never allow fun to trump safety.

Mark Shean- Former NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor

Current Ma. State Basic Firearm Safety Instructor

Current NRA Civilian Instructor in 6 Disciplines

UZI Tragedy in Westfield, part 2  a shocking update.

{Remember, Firearm Education Will Save Lives, Firearm Ignorance Can Take Lives.}  written 11-12-2009

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