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Concealed Carry

Submitted by Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE Rated #1 at AMAZON in the Shooting section!!

NRA and Relevance, in my opinion.

Gun control, sounds reasonable when politicians speak on it and the media lets the phrase slide on by without any follow-up questions. Gun control has nothing what-so-ever to do with crime, or guns, they are the scapegoat, it is one hundred percent about attempting political control over our lives. You see, there are plenty of laws already on the books dealing with crime, yet crime happens, laws cannot stop evil intent, and when a particularly brutal crime grabs the headlines most politicians see an opportunity to get their mugs in the paper or on television to push their anti gun , anti Second Amendment agenda/crap. The billionaire socialist Bloomberg, once mayor of New York city is one such example, all high profile New York/Ma./Ca./NJ/Chicago politicians are prime examples.

The politicians and police, in their frustration to stop crime focus their attention on an easy target, you. This is why the NRA is the hated organization of many socialist leaning politicians, because the NRA comes to your defense. The NRA has over 4 million members and fights extremely hard to preserve our Second Amendment freedoms. Is the NRA relevant? You bet your firearm freedom it is. There are an estimated 100 million law abiding gun owners in the United States, if they were to all suddenly join the NRA, politicians would pale and never dare speak of gun control again, it would become political suicide to do so. Is the NRA relevant, again, you bet your overall freedom it is. And because so many politicians hate the NRA that is all the endorsement I need to be a member.

Mark Shean

My NRA membership # 022402844

written 10-10-2009

My new book GUN SENSE is Rated #1 at AMAZON in the Shooting section!!

One Response to “NRA and Relevance”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    If gun control goes into effect like the government preposes then the only people who will still own guns will be the criminals. Those of us with good intentions that have gone to the local police station and let them know we want a gun are the ones who will have no choice but to go back to that same police station and give them back. But on the other hand- those criminals that are robbing people at gun point and killing people are the ones with out a paper trail of what they own therefore they (the criminals) will have the undeserved privilege to defend their violent ways of life but those of us that may find ourselves in the middle of this kind of life will become unarmed victims. The only one guarenteed to be there for you in a crisis is YOU. We all need to speak up for our right to protect ourselves because no-one can. Nelly, Avoid before hurt, hurt before maim, maim before kill and kill before being killed.

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