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Concealed Carry

     On Oct. 27th in the news, a vicious knife attack occurred at the Ma. General Hospital in Boston, wherein the victim of this attack, Astrid Desrosiers, a doctor, was stabbed multiple times by a psychiatric patient, Jay Carciero, 37, who was there for a scheduled appointment. Also on the same floor at the time of the attack was an armed off duty, (note, civilian) security officer, Paul Langone. District Attorney Daniel Conley, in his news conference described the actions of Paul Langone as ‘under investigation’ but reluctantly conceded Mr. Langone’s actions likely saved the life of the doctor and possibly others as well.

   When I heard this story on the channel 7 evening news, (which I rarely watch) the thing that stood out to me, in crystal clear fashion, was the questions directed to the A.G. by the media. They were all along the lines of why did Paul Langone have a gun, instead of how did the assailant get the knife, or what is the condition of the doctor? Did Langone have a permit for that gun? Why was he there on that floor? Are you going to file charges against Mr. Langone for carrying a gun? Can he legally carry a gun in Boston? Did he have the right to shoot the assailant? The District Attorney looked like he was walking on a tightrope twenty stories high with no net in thirty mile an hour gusts. It was obvious to me that he would have loved to say that he wanted to hang Mr. Langone from the highest tree, but could not say it.

   When all is said and done, to his chagrin, the A.G. will probably have to pin a medal on Mr. Langone, and the media will have the uncomfortable and distasteful job of covering the ceremony of a legal gun owning hero. Something tells me that the doctor he saved will not be trying to second guess Langone’s actions, or find fault in legal gun ownership after she recovers, I would be happy to give her the gun safety course putting her on the right path to gun ownership, so that if there is ever a next time she will not need to hope for another miracle to save her.

   The next day in the Boston Herald this story was back on page five, the front cover was completely taken up by a story about city workers visiting Facebook while they work! Shock of shocks! Almost all of page two was concerned with some big baby Celtic basketball player that broke his thumb in a fight, real news worthy stuff. Page three was devoted to the dead pervert waco Jaco’s movie review, the Herald certainly has its priorities straight! Page four was a carry over from from the front page about city workers using Facebook during work hours, big big news! And finally on page five a small article about the stabbing victim,(doctor) being saved by a citizen with a legal gun. I guarantee that if the doctor had died at the hands of the madman, and there had been no one to stop him, that it would have been front page news, without a shadow of a doubt! What do you think?

   The National Enquirer looks more credible than the Boston Herald, and has for quite some time, sad. It has been ruled in court, (at least ten times across the country and in the Supreme Court) that the state has no obligation to protect the individual from being murdered by criminals or madmen. That is a loud and clear message that we are on our own! The thing that burns me to no end is this, places that deny you your right to gun ownership, or strictly restrict it, will also state that you or your surviving family have no case against the city or state if you are murdered, officials take no responsibility, but they will do their best to throw you in jail if you disobey their “reasonable gun control measures”.

    I would like to hear your comments on this, or any of my articles. I strongly suggest that all incumbents are voted OUT of office, that we may start fresh with people that are not afraid of our Second Amendment! Please send your prayers for the Doctors speedy recovery. Mark Shean  written 10-31-2009 

 Note: An April 1st 2010 article, (blurb) in the Boston Hearld,( No Charges for hero off-duty officer who shot knife wielding man at MGH). Almost 7 months after the fact, the D.A. Daniel Conley finally says, following the ‘investigation’, that Langone acted to defend himself and Dr. Astrid Desrosiers when he fired the three shots. (It took me ten seconds to figure that out back in Oct.) M.S. 4-1-2010

3 Responses to “Shooting at Ma. General Hospital Justified”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    I am so happy you posted this situation Mark. I have a good friend that is constantly telling me how guns shouldnt be legal and those that carry them are looking for trouble blah blah blah. We had a conversation on this exact subject and he is very upset the the off duty security guard is being looked at as a hero (which I believe he is). I try to diplomatically explain that as great as it is to have law officials (and for the record I have much respect for law officials) that they cant always be there. I saw a quote rescently that i loved. It stated “I carry a gun because I cant carry a cop” and that is so true. So in this conversation with my friend he repeatly stated that guns kill people. Well a gun in a locked safe does not unlock its self and go kill. Also once again as much as law officials try to save people often it is too late. It is unfortunate that often a 911 call becomes a mop up. An innocent person put in a situation where their life may be taken and their only hope for survival is that the police are near by. Too often the response (although well intended) shows up just a minute too late. Now this innocent person is laying bleeding on the floor of their own house and not only was their home invaded but their life stolen because they depended on a call that quite frankly takes longer to make then the time they had. If this innocent person was armed then maybe-just maybe they would be alive. I was asked by my friend if I would pull the trigger to save my life and without even thinking I said YES. Then he responded what right do you have to take a life? I simply replied with to save my own. What people see with gun violence are the situations in which an illegal gun is used for fear/power/ or personal gain. What they dont see is that if the victim was carrying they would most likely still be alive and the criminal would not be killing more people. The off duty guard had every right to defend the situation and I am pretty sure the doctor and other facualty are also very happy that he did. The unfortunate aspect is that someone died but keep in mind the one that died was about to take a life. So what gives someone the right to legally carry a gun? The right to save a life. Nelly Note: Thank you Nelly, your friend must be from another planet, maybe planet ‘Wing Nut’, Mark

  • Smile says:

    I was upset reading this post as I hadnt really heard about this in the news. My hubby mentioned it (did you hear about the doc that got stabbed). Im shocked that instead of praising this man who saved the doctor, the media (liberal idiots) were questioning if it was legal for him to have the gun in Boston. Are you serious people??? I just do not understand these morons Mark, I honestly dont. NOTE: They are a different species Smile. 🙂 MS

  • windangyle6669 says:

    Recently my anti gun friend and I had conversation about this situation again. After repeating alot of the same things as my previous comment I decided to ask him a very simple question. I put a hypothetical situation in front of him. I said what if you and I went out for lunch one day and the car broke down and when walking to the gas station some crazy man jumps us to steal our money or what ever- would you want me to use my legal and registered gun to save your life or would you prefer for me to watch you die? I was horrified when he said he would want me to watch him die. I told him hopefully nothing like that would ever happen but if it did I would save his life because atleast then even if he was mad he would still be alive. I could not believe that he would even think a moral human being could just sit back and watch a person die if they had the means to save them. Ironically he also said if I beat the man to death with a stick that would be alright as long as I didnt shoot him. Unbelievable. With the right to bear arms also comes a great responsiblity. Gun safty being essential but also the ability to save a life whether it is your own, your family or in the case of the doctor, a stranger. If you are not prepared to have to use your gun- you shouldnt carry. Atleast that is my belief. Once again lets hope to never have to defend a life by taking one, but unfortunatly that is why we carry isnt it? If you just want to shot at the range you dont have to have a license to carry you just need an FID card. Also many ranges have pistol rentals. I know without a doubt the only way I would ever take a life is to save one. I also know that I am capable of taking a life to save one- this is a very big responsiblity and the guard that saved the doctor is a great man. Nelly NOTE, He is not a hero in the minds of those who run the lame-stream media though Nelly, Mark

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