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Concealed Carry

   Under Article IV, Sec. I of the Constitution it reads…….”Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each state to the public acts, records, and judicial proceedings of every other state. And Congress may by general laws prescribe the manner in which such acts, records, and proceedings shall be proved, and the effect thereof.” Note: This means that you will not, and should never need fifty drivers license’s to cross our United States. That all states will, and do, acknowledge formally a specified factual or legal document issued from any other state. Example; your birth certificates, your marriage license’s, and of course something connected to that danged inconvenient Second Amendment, I’m referring to your legally issued firearm license. It annoys politicians, it does not suit their purposes, makes it more difficult for them to make America a ‘gun free zone’, gee whiz !

   Under Art. IV Sec. I, you should never need more than one legally issued firearm permit, from the state in which you live, to be recognized by every other state! They, (each state) are ‘bound’ by the Constitution to honor the issuing states gun license to you. If you have passed the legal requirements, (background checks) etc. and have shown yourself to be a law abiding citizen as recognized by the licensing authority, why should you be treated any differently by any other state? That is a good hardball question to direct at your ‘Representatives’, especially at election time! Watch em squirm!

   We are AMERICAN CITIZENS,(emphasis added) our citizenship does not end at the state line wherein we live. Our citizenship is good from coast to coast! All our legal documents are good from coast to coast! Make that crystal clear to your public servants! Our so-called ‘representatives’ could not take the time to read the “stimulus bill” before voting on it and plunging us all into a black hole of debt. In my opinion, based on their actions, they have never bothered to read the Constitution either. I believe, judging by what I see and hear, their arrogance is starting to push the ‘buttons’ of millions of Americans.

   If politicians are stupid enough to continue disregarding the document that they swore to uphold, (the Constitution) just to gain public office, then they all need to be swept from office. Watch what they have done and do. NEVER  rely on what they say! We can vote for better people. We should all demand that every state respect our gun rights as American citizens! -Mark Shean-  written 9-30-2009

One Response to “Reciprocatory Law, to Recognize from State to State”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    Mark, once again I could not agree more. I am seeing and reading more and more about the gun laws and the restrictions or eradication of licenses to carry and frankly it is quite ridiculous. The Constitution in which our NATION, not our states, but our NATION was based on has many rights to which the states do not have the authority to change. Not only that but legal documents are to be recongnized from state to state as you mentioned. If I take a trip to Maine or Florida I dont need another drivers license to go to these states or through the states on the way and I shouldnt need a seperate License to carry either. We as citizens do need to speak up to our goverment and remind them that we are citizens of the country not prisoners or slaves within it. Nelly, Avoid before hurt, hurt before maim, maim before kill, and kill before being killed. If this rule was followed by all there would be less pain and harm in the world.

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