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Concealed Carry

   If anyone has been paying any attention to anything other than sports they will know that Governor Patrick (D) has been given the green light from our Bacon Hill ‘representatives’ to appoint an interim Kennedy rump swab, to sit in the vacant Senate seat until a special election in January. That race will be for any candidate who can come closest to convincing the blue hairs of the state that he lives and breaths everything ‘Kennedy’ more than anyone else.

   The very same ‘representatives’ took the power to appoint away from Governor Romney while Kerry was running for President, just in case Kerry had won and his seat had become vacant. They were scared to death that Romney would have appointed a, gasp, Republican! And that their stranglehold on corrupt politics would be compromised. Our so called ‘representatives’ claim that they believe the good people of Massachusetts should not have any lapse in representation in Washington and that they are only looking out for the People.

   The media does not challenge the politicians at all with facts when they make this claim. If the media did their job they would point out to the politicians that while Kennedy was sick where was the concern that the People were not being represented? The media should have asked why no one had come forth to ask Kennedy to do the right thing and resign in the interest of the People’s right to have continuous representation? While Kerry was running for office where was the concern from the politicians on Bacon Hill that Kerry was neglecting his duty to represent the People for over a year!? Where were those questions from the media? When we now hear from our so called ‘representatives’ claiming they think its only fair for the People to have continuous representation in the aftermath of Kennedy’s death they are being disingenuous in capital letters! “Disingenuous”; {Insincere, a synonym of cynical or calculating, not straightforward, hypocritical}. Id like to cut straight to the quick and say exactly what they are doing, lying.

   The real reason that they suddenly pretend to think of the People is because they want that all important Senate vote that will push the health care ‘obamanation’ bill down the whole countries throat! Chicago politicians have nothing over Massachusetts politicians where corruption is concerned. Do you think our bailing out the banks and big corporations has been expensive up to this point in history? It has been, but socialized health care will make everything else look like chicken feed by comparison!

   When I hear people say the Government should provide health care for everyone, I know they do not understand in the least that the government does not have one penny to its name. The money the government spreads around with such reckless abandon is OUR money, the tax payers money! We are the government. And it is damned high time we reminded our servants in Washington of that FACT next November, that should be a day of reckoning. The embedded ticks, I mean politicians, can not be bothered to read big expensive bills that bankrupt our country, they just shove them down our throats, tax us ever higher to pay for them and say that they are looking out for us, do you still believe that crap?! -Mark Shean-  written 9=23-2009

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