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Concealed Carry

Mark Shean Sr. author of #GUN SENSE, on Amazon.

On TV there is a lot of exciting action designed to keep you on the edge of your seat, but most importantly, for the TV executives, to keep their ratings high. TV is fun to watch but it can give the wrong impression more often than not. That can not be more true than when it comes to guns. TV entertainment never seems to go to the next level after a home invasion/shooting scenario. I talked about having a plan in my 7-13-09 #11 ‘Gun Sense article concerning home defense, among other important aspects.

First of all, I hope that you are never put in a situation to have to shoot anyone defending your family in your home, sadly this situation can be forced onto you. That said, I will touch on the aftermath of your use of a firearm defending your family and home. Previously, (in GS #11) I talked about having a plan should someone ever break in while you are home, I hope that you do have a plan. On TV or in the movies the criminal(s) kick in a door in the middle of the night and start going through the home. The good guy in the story takes his trusty firearm and calmly saunters through the house, he easily takes care of each criminal in turn. Of course the actor playing the good guy is suppose to win, it is written that way in the script, he will not be injured because they need him for a sequel.  He is in no danger, it is all make believe and he knows that after the scene he will go home to his mansion complete with body guards, camera surveillance’s and killer dogs to protect him from the public at large. You on the other hand could just as easily be killed if you try to go find the criminal(s).

Once you know that someone has broken into your home your defensive “plan” should begin…….

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One Response to “GUN SENSE #12, The Aftermath of Defending your Family/Home.”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    Thank you once again Mark. The information you post is always extreamly helpful and informative. The average person does not think about a home invasion happening to them and even if they have talked about a plan the emotional stress and reactions can obviously influence the reaction to the situation. The tips and advice in this blog will indeed help any reader who has the unfortunate expierence of a home invasion. You help people become survivers. It is bad enough to have to go through a traumatic expierence that could put your life at risk but to then have you freedom at risk makes it that much more painful. It is about time that someone has the passion to help people protect themselves! Avoid before hurt, hurt before maim, maim before kill, and kill before be killed. Nelly, Note: Thank you for the vote of confidence nelly, MS

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