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Concealed Carry

   I was thinking the other day about the brief, yet ongoing history of the United States, since its becoming an independent nation, brief in years compared to other countries. In comparison it has only been around a fraction of time in written world history. In that short span of time the history of the United States has been rich, one of monumental diversity with worldwide and lasting significance.

   The wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers has spanned the centuries. They foresaw, through their works, the freedoms and security of countless unborn generations of American citizens in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. They built in checks and balances between the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of government, to ensure that no one branch would become to powerful by creating a Republic. They saw far beyond the ‘horizon’ of time they were to spend here on earth. They wanted to effect in a positive way, the lives of you and I, our great great grand children and beyond. They were amazing in the shear selflessness of their deeds and sacrifice’s. Their legacy has endured through the sacrifices that every day Americans have made and make to preserve our freedoms today.

   I am not a history teacher, I just have a love for history and firmly believe it should be revisited often to avoid repeating mistakes today from lessons already learned yesterday. I have seen a not- so- gradual erosion on our freedoms in my time, from where you might not expect or should expect enemies of freedom to be, from within government, from some of our ‘public servants’. We live only a brief time on this earth, and in the time we as individuals are here it would be nice to think that we could make a positive impact in some small way, leave the world a little better than when we came into it. Our Founding Fathers certainly set the bar high in that regard, but now what I see from our ‘Representatives’ is a bar so low that we are starting to trip over it.

   There are politicians in the United States today that want to take away our rights, unconstitutionally. One such example, (but not the only one) that has been submitted by a Bobby Rush (D) of the First District in Chicago recently is House bill H.R.45. This House bill would make it illegal to own any firearm at all, unless it is registered, you are fingerprinted, you undergo a physical and mental evaluation at a time of the governments choosing, also each ‘update’ to your firearm information will be charged a fee of, ($25 dollars) but subject to change, (of course). Failure to do so and you lose the ‘privilege’ of gun ownership and, of course, you are threatened with jail time! There is more, much more, but you need to google this bill, seeing is believing! You can also find H.R.45 at

   I have to ask myself, what makes any one of our representatives think they were ever given any mandate from us to propose such foolish and unconstitutionally dangerous bills? Is the legacy they want to leave while only briefly on this earth, one that will ensure untold future generations of Americans will not have freedoms that we, as Americans, have always enjoyed? What makes them think they have any right to take away the free choice of these yet unborn Americans? Why is their goal to strip away a birthright? A birthright that is ensured by our Constitution. What Bobby Rush would like to do is taken straight from Adolf  Hitlers,(any dictators) playbook.

    Hitler imposed gun registration just prior to confiscating all firearms from the Jewish people leading directly to their Holocaust. The gun registration tactic is in the history books. That is why it is unconstitutional in our Constitution. That does not seem to slow down some politicians that want judges to override parts of the Constitution that they seem to find offensive! Dictators worldwide, throughout history, have subscribed to gun registration/control. The tactic, if allowed, subjugates us.

    Will Americans fall for the tactic? I do not believe an estimated 100 million American gun owners or the public in general will ever roll over like sheep for Bobby Rush and a few pompous socialist elitists in Washington D.C.! Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control, it is about taking away freedom. Let’s vote out every incumbent and incorporate voter term limits in 2010!

-Mark Shean-  written 8-18-2009

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3 Responses to “H.R.45 Another attempted infringment on our Freedoms!!”

  • Mike says:

    The bill submitted by Bobby Rush should come as no surprise to anybody who has been following the tentacles coming out of Chicago. The current occupant of the White House has the most radical ties to people who have expressed their desire to overthrow our country. Michelle Malkin has recently come out with a book exposing all of these radical Chicago links. Thanks for the article Mark. NOTE: I think your on to something Mike, MS

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  • Mike says:

    p.s.Michelle Malkins book is titled Culture of Corruption. NOTE, Thanks Mike, MS

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  • windangyle6669 says:

    We have seen what has happened in other countries and throughout history, that the law abiding good people are the ones who suffer from laws like this. The criminals will still have their fire arms and the law officials wont respond to a crisis in time and thus the only ones that will be in danger are the ones doing the right thing. Is that freedom or justice? Remember, avoid before hurt, hurt before maim, maim before kill, and kill before be killed. Nelly NOTE: In every instance through out history once people were disarmed crime suddenly went through the roof, many of those crimes were commited by Governments, all our clue-less politicians should look at history, I am quite sure they all failed history in school! Mark

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