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Concealed Carry


I know, I know, your going to say that when you hear a command like ‘cease fire’ at a gun range, you stop shooting, of course you are correct, to a point. But what else do you do, and should you do? Well that is what I am here to let you in on, there are those of you that may already know, so please be patient. For safeties sake I can not take for granted that everyone knows this information, that would be irresponsible on my part.

When we are at a gun range we naturally will be inundated with loud gun fire, especially if there are more than just a couple of people there. We need to protect our hearing under this barrage of noise. If we ever damage part of our hearing it can never repair itself, we lose it forever, so we must protect our ear drums. In the course of doing this we don various forms of hearing protection, not only do we muffle the sharp sound of gunfire we mostly block the lower sounds of human voices. Lets say there are 7 people shooting at the same time on the range today, they are all concentrating on their targets when suddenly a ten year old kid,(or anyone) that has been watching his parent screams CEASE FIRE!!! At that point in time you will not immediately know why he yelled cease fire, but you must obey the command instantly, it can be a life and death command.

The second you hear the command you must loudly repeat the command so that the people to the right and left of you hear it, they in turn loudly repeat the command, while all are repeating the cease fire command they should also be simultaneously unloading their firearms and placing them on their shooting benches, with the actions open. The reason that it is so important to repeat the command down the line is so that everyone on a loud firing line will hear it.

That little ten year old kid,(or anyone else) is the ‘boss’ at the second he yelled cease fire, and everyone had better comply. He may have seen someone coming out of the woods down range chasing a dog, who knows, but never second guess a cease fire command! When the issue is resolved, what ever it was, then an all clear will be called and the shooting may resume. Anyone has the right to call a cease fire on a gun range if they feel there is an unsafe situation, and everyone must repeat that command, for safeties sake.

Remember, {Firearm Education Will Save Lives, Firearm Ignorance Can Take Lives}. Ignorance of History could cost us our freedoms.

Mark Shean,  Knowledge through Experiance

Former NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor,

Reviews  written 7-9-2009

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