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Concealed Carry


If you are not some kind of control freak in your day to day personal life, that is probably a good thing, I mean, no one likes a control freak. They are overbearing, domineering, insensitive, rude, crude, socially unacceptable, (probably your boss) and usually end up in divorce court. But when it comes to firearms we all have to be control freaks where bullets are concerned.

I have mentioned common sense before and I will bring it up again, engage your common sense every time you handle a firearm, take common sense for a walk around the block, give it a bit of exercise………

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2 Responses to “Gun Sense #7, Uncontrolled bullets anyone? Not on your life!”

  • Heather says:

    Nice post Mark — Thanks for sharing this important firearm safety information, I will pass it on to my friends. I dont think people would normally think of this stuff, and if they are considering firearms they really should. NOTE, Your right Heather, there would be less ‘accidents’ for sure. MS

  • Arthur says:

    Education begins at home. One does not only acquire knowledge from a teacher; one can learn and receive knowledge from a parent, family member and even an acquaintance. In almost all societies, attending school and receiving an education is extremely vital and necessary if one wants to achieve success. Good posts here Mark. NOTE: Thank you. MS

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