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Concealed Carry

NOTE: If you read this page, also read about Squib loads: #Gun Sense 6, Squib Load? It would make sense too…..

Some of you may already know what a misfire is, it is caused by a faulty primer at the back of a bullet casing, that when struck by the gun’s firing pin will not detonate, thus failing to send a spark into the main powder charge of the casing, that would have, in turn, sent the bullet on it’s way down the gun’s barrel.

So here is a little scenario: ……….

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One Response to “#Gun Sense 5, Misfire? Hang fire? What they mean to you.”

  • nelly says:

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment- the 2 loudest sounds are a BANG when you expect CLICK and a CLICK when you expect a BANG. I have once seen a hang fire and luckly the person shooting did exactly what you have instructed and let me just say it shocked the crap out of me when it went click and then a couple seconds later fired. I have also gotten a couple of misfires when we picked up a box of ammo and thanks to seeing a hang fire and having you discuss them in your class (and on here) I always have and always will wait that 10 seconds before assuming it is ‘just a misfire’. Thank you as always for the information you post. Nelly- NOTE: Hangfires are rare, I have never had one but I know they exist, squib loads are rare also, I have had one, but one is very rare considering the shooting I have done since 1964, but beware! Mark

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