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Concealed Carry

How many of you have children? How many of you know someone with children? They are everywhere, and because they are everywhere they can get into mischief just about anyplace. Where guns are concerned there can be no room for mischief.

I am originally from the state of Maine where the gun culture was quite a bit different from where I live now, in Massachusetts. People seem more savvy about firearms and firearm safety generally in Maine, this is what I have observed in my experiences within both states. Growing up I had a lot of supervised exposure to firearms, that was the key, and I learned early-on how to safely handle and use firearms, it was encouraged. Knowledge kept me safer than someone without firearm knowledge. If that makes sense to you, as I hope it should, than I will share a bit of advice designed to keep your little ones safer than they were moments before you started reading this. Children, we all want them safe.

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