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Concealed Carry


You may want to consider this information if you are looking to buy a hand gun for home defense or personal protection reasons, it is important to know. The study/science of Kinetics, (motion) is way over my head, but I understand the general properties of how a bullet works, and for this segment that is good enough for me. Glazer Safety Slugs are made by the Dakota Ammunition Co. , if you need to find a store that sells their ammo you can contact them. I do not own stock in this company or benefit in any way from their sales, I just want to pass on information that will help keep you safer concerning firearms.

For home defense you need to be concerned about “over penetration” if you were ever forced to fire shots in your home, and I hope that you never do, but if you did, in defense of your family and or yourself, you need to understand the danger of “over penetration”. Conventional bullets such as ‘ball’ ammo or lead cast ammo or jacketed hollow points, shotgun slugs or buckshot, all have their place in the world of firearms, I just do not think that ‘place’ is in the home for personal defense. A bullet, once fired, delivers energy known as kinetic energy. If the bullet strikes a mass, travels through that mass, and continues on, it has not yet delivered all of its kinetic energy and will need do so somewhere else. This is what you want to avoid happening, and keep over penetration to the utmost minimum, at all costs in your home.

The danger of over penetration is obvious, if you took a shot at an intruder, and missed, the bullet could easily pass through the walls of your home, leave your house, entering the house next door endangering your neighbors before its flight path ends. You do not want that sort of thing happening, it could as easily kill a person in that house next door. In protecting your family you would not feel very good about injuring/killing a neighbor. That scenario does not need to happen.

Glazer Safety Slugs have a very unique design, they are filled with tiny compressed ‘ lead shot’, the walls of the bullet that contains this ‘lead shot’ are very thin and designed to fragment on impact. This fragmentation immediately disperses all of its kinetic energy on the ‘target’, (intended or not), causing abrupt stopping power and a large cavity wound. If you miss your intended target, and this could easily happen under the stress of the situation, the bullet will then strike a wall and fragment, dumping its energy on the wall and not delivering any lethal fragments through to people that may be in another room, very important. Chances are good that even if you miss the criminal intruder that he will not hang around letting you take ‘pot shots’ at him.

The usefulness of these Glazer Safety Slugs should now be apparent, the down side to them (if any) would be their cost, they are about $4.00 per bullet, but there is only 5 or 6 in a pack, so it will not ‘break’ the bank, and you will not use them for shooting tin cans at the range, they are for defensive use only, hopefully you will never have to use them.

Another thing that you may want to consider for a great home defense firearm is a pump shotgun of any gauge. A pump shotgun has a very distinctive sound when it is ‘pumped’ to chamber a shotgun shell, this sound is universally known and carries with it an ‘intimidation factor’ for the intruder in your home. If someone is not willing to exit your home after you warn them that you have a shotgun and especially after you make the sound of pumping the shotgun, then in all probability that person is either insane or has a death wish. In either case it would then become a form of natural selection weeding out the idiots. He will be of no great loss to mankind.

A 20 gauge is the shotgun I recommend as it is easier for people of smaller stature to use, and just as effective as a 12 gauge at close range.

You still need to be aware of the problem of over penetration with the use of a shotgun. Do not use shotgun ‘slugs’ they carry with them far to much kinetic energy, a shotgun slug will pass through the criminal, through your house, through the next two houses, and kill someone in the third house down the lane, not good. Do not use ‘buck shot’ for the same reason, though it does not have as much over penetration as a shotgun slug it can still make it into a next door neighbors home, again, not good.

The best defensive load to use, in my opinion for a shotgun is #6 or #4 bird shot, with a ‘full choke’ smooth bore barrel. The average bedroom is around 15 feet wide, if an intruder were to enter that room and you let loose with a load of #6 or #4 bird shot you could put a hole the size of a silver dollar and two dimes in that criminal, the bird shot would deliver most all of its kinetic energy on impact, keeping the bird shot confined to your bedroom. It would make one heck of a debilitating wound, stopping the threat to you and your family. If you were to miss, the criminal probably would not stick around for you to try again, and the bird shot would loose its energy before leaving your home, it would not carry very far, and the chance of it killing someone in another room would be greatly minimized due to the way bird shot disperses as distance increases. If your going to deal with a ‘turkey’, you should use bird shot.

Again, I hope that you never find yourself in a situation were you have been forced to shoot at criminals invading your home, but if you are ever in that situation it is your first duty and responsibility to protect your family and yourself. The police have a very important and dangerous job to preform, but they are not assigned to sit at the foot of your bed and guard you all night long, you are on your own when criminal(s) enter your home, it is up to you to defend your family. {The Supreme Court has ruled that police have ‘no obligation’ to protect the individual and they have no responsibility to protect you from madmen or murderers.} That says it all in my book, we are on our own!

Someone just broke into your home? Be verbal, I HAVE A GUN!, (the criminal may not believe that) I HAVE CALLED THE POLICE! In this day and age of cell phones the criminal has no reason not to believe this, it may be your best tool to get him to leave much sooner than he wanted to. Keep a cell phone charging in your bedroom, not in the kitchen where it will do you no good.

We should all have a plan to follow in case of a fire, right? We should also have some idea as to what to do in case of a criminal(s) invading our home. Even if that plan is as simple as quickly going to the kids room with a gun a cell phone, house keys, a flashlight and staying there! If you can, start the ball rolling by calling the police direct phone number, NOT 911* on a cell phone, and telling them the situation, but be prepared to act in the interim. Do not go looking for the criminal, again, stay put! Let him steal everything in your house, so what, it is only stuff, you can replace stuff!  If your car keys and house keys are together and you can set off your car alarm, do it, it may help pressure the criminal(s) to leave.  This is not the movies where the good guy will go and catch the criminal(s), that is not your job, your job is to protect your familynot to catch the criminal(s) , let the police do that. This is not some phony Hollywood script, this can be life or death for real!

When the police do come, do not meet them at the door with a gun in your hand, they will be hyped up and do not know who you are so be careful. If your in contact with the police by cell phone and the intruder is still in your home, direct the police to a window were you can throw the house keys to them. The police, generally speaking, are the ‘clean up’ crew, they come after the fact in most instances. Make sure that if you had to act, then the scene they come to ‘clean up’ or sort out, does not include the body’s of any of your family members!

  • NOTE* Calling 911 on a cell phone can add an additional ten minutes to the police response time, a lot can happen in ten seconds, let alone ten minutes. Put your Fire department and Police department direct phone numbers in your cell phone under ‘Town’, as in Town Fire and Town Police so you have them together.  Please read Gun Sense #12 as a follow up, “The Aftermath of Home Defense”

Remember, Firearm Education Will Save Lives, Firearm Ignorance Can Take Lives.

Sincerely, Mark Shean,  Knowledge through Experience

Former NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor

Reviews  written 7-13-2009, revised 10-5-2015

Your comments/insights are welcomed.

5 Responses to “Gun Sense #11, Home Defense and Glazer Safety Slugs.”

  • windangyle6669 says:

    This is Nelly for the record. I must say that I totally agree with everything said in this post Mark. I have been raised around both fire arms and martial arts which do have some conflicts in theory but one that stands true for both is dont go looking for a problem, yet be prepared if it comes to you. Also limit the casualities that occur. I think the Glazer rounds are a wonderful thing for home protection. How guilty would you feel if saving your household and family a stray bullet hit your neighbors sleeping child? I am totally supportive of the Glazer rounds and feel that they are a responsible choice for home protection. Avoid before hurt, hurt before maim, maim before kill, and kill before be killed. Nelly

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  • Jim says:

    I took your gun safety class and I agree 100 per cent with having a plan in place for home invasion. “Don’t tread on me”
    Mark, you are the man. NOTE: Thank you Jim. MS

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  • Kasey says:

    Hey Mark, this #11 Gun Sense: Glazer Safety Slugs, and home defense, is very interesting. I have been reading some of your posts and am happy to see that your articles are actually informative. You’re definitely making me think! Thank you. Regards, Kasey. NOTE: Your welcome, I dont know a thing about baby bath chairs though Kasey, sorry. 🙁 MS

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  • Elizabeth says:

    I’m sure glazer safety slugs are one of the best choices for home defense and personal carry, thanks for making me and hubby aware of them Mark. 🙂 PS, I personally like the shotgun idea also! Note:I hope that no one ever breaks into your home, but if so, the pump shotgun, (any gauge) will really do the trick, it has quite the ‘intimidation factor’ with it. Your welcome. MS

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