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Concealed Carry

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Safeties, and where they are placed on firearms vary from one maker to another, and cover a huge variety of firearms. I am not going to go into each type of firearm, that would take far to much space and bore you, (and me) to tears. I am going to generalize the subject by giving you some good advice, and coupled with your own common sense, (that I know you have) this should suffice if taken as seriously as death itself.

When you go to the store to buy a new firearm it will come with a manual telling you all about it, please be sure to read the manual before you go shoot the firearm. Make sure you understand everything about the gun. If you buy a second hand firearm from someone and it does not come with the manual, you can find the address of the gun maker on the barrel. You can write them and ask for a copy of the manual for the model you bought, the model number will be on the gun also. That is what I did decades before computers, (showing my age) but now it is easier to go on-line to the gun maker and simply down load the manual, free in most cases.

Some firearms do not have external safeties, revolvers are prime examples, keep your finger off the trigger and it can not go bang! Glock semi-autos are another good example of no external safety, it has a series of internal safeties activated by the trigger, read the book. Some guns have only one safety, others have multiple safeties, some have none, internal or external, none what so ever, understand this. Now I am going to let you in on a secret; YOU are any firearms best safety,YOU are the ‘master’ safety, you can NEVER trust a man made safety on ANY firearm! Firearms are man made and anything man makes can fail, and does fail. Simply because a safety is on a firearm do not think for a second that it gives you license to carelessly handle that firearm! Remember that number 1 rule, TREAT EVERY FIREARM AS LOADED AT ALL TIMES!!  Because they are all loaded! That has to be our mindset. Weapons safety is everyone’s responsibility, especially yours.  Practice safe weapons handling until it becomes a habit.

There is a ’trigger guard’ around the trigger, (that little circle of steel) I don’t call it a trigger guard, I do not think that is a serious enough description, not nearly serious enough. I call it THE CIRCLE OF DEATH, I hope you call it this from now on, when a finger enters that circle someone could die, keep your finger OUT of that circle of death at all times if you are not going to actually shoot the firearm!!! Firearms will not give a fool a second chance. Please pass this information on to your family and friends.

Remember, {Firearm Education Will Save Lives, Firearm Ignorance Can Take Lives}. Ignorance of History could cost us our freedoms.

Sincerely, Mark Shean,  Knowledge through Experience

Former NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor

Reviews   Towns Served  written 7-12-2009

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