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Concealed Carry

      It has been suggested by more than one talking head that politicians in general should be paid more than they currently make. The most often used example is the position of President of the United States. Here they state that CEO’s of large companies make huge amounts of money in comparison to the most powerful office in the world. While that may be true, what I never hear in that argument is that people who run for high office, your senators and congressmen, are already very wealthy. They also have big backing from special interest groups and all the money that entails. Not to mention the perks that come with their office, access to free air travel, body guards etc.

   These talking heads think that if we throw more money at politicians that they will be more efficient, make better decisions. I do not believe that for a second. People who run for public office do not do so for the pay check, they spend more money for the seat of power they are running for than they would ever hope to recoup. For these people they crave the power to control millions of other peoples lives, money alone does not give them that power. To shovel more tax payers money at these politicians will not suddenly mean that they will now make better decisions, absolutely not, they tell you what you want to hear to be elected, then they come into office with preconceived little agendas that have absolutely nothing to do with the wants or needs of their constituents. This is quite obvious when these so-called ‘representatives’ vote on bills that are extremely important and extremely large, (stimulus bill, health care bill, Cap and Trade bill) they cannot even be bothered to read them first! But make sure they exempt themselves from these bills.  How is that for a ‘screw’ you America’ example?

    These incumbents no longer represent you or I, they only represent themselves! They vote on bills that will only enrich themselves further! One term in Congress and they can retire with a huge pension for life, nice…. They have large shares in companies that will benefit directly from bills they push down our throats, this is a huge and dishonest conflict of interest!

   I believe firmly that term limits are now one of the only ways remaining to take back the country from long embedded politicians who show they are more than willing to sell their souls, the Constitution, and America down the river for their personal agendas, schemes, and bankrolls. What do you think? I think a new party is in order. Lets start one, how about the Tea Party or Constitutional Party? Let’s throw fear into both the democrat and republican party’s, lets upset their little house of ill repute!

Mark Shean  written 6-27-2009

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