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Concealed Carry

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Hello, I am no lawyer, I just try harder to keep up with the gun laws that effect people in Ma. than others do, so if you do not agree with something here by all means research the answer for yourself. In this series I have written some numbered articles, {47 and counting} entitled ‘Gun Sense’. Many of these come directly from my experience’s and touch on various aspects of firearm safety, (just scroll down and click any article #). ‘Gun Sense’ is a useful reference extension beyond my class. We talk about some of these things in our firearm safety classes, (please look them over) along with the laws, (GS #32 + 41) set down by the state of Massachusetts for the Basic Firearm Safety Course for those who would like to apply for a License to Carry (LTC) or Firearm Identification Card (FID).  

    If anyone who has already taken a safety class previously, and would like the Florida CCW good for 36*+ states and 7 years, please contact me by email for details.

With this class comes our  support long afterward, consider us your ‘safety net’, if you have questions in the future rest assured we will answer them through emails, GUARANTEED. If you have trouble with gaining your license we will point you in a direction to succeed, and if for some reason it is beyond our scope, (seldom) we can put you in touch with a group of lawyers that may take your case for free, *it rarely comes to this level of assistance.  This is a level of assistance I have offered all my clients since I started in 2000, it is not found anywhere else, a little research is all you need to confirm this. Please read the Reviews section. 

We take your success in gaining a LTC or FID VERY seriously. My son Mark  joined me with many, (26) years of firearm knowledge/experiance to his credit giving the same level of excellence and follow-through in every class that he will give.

In my opinion, gun owners who vote for any candidate(s) that are in favor of ‘gun control’, amounts to the same thing as  turkeys voting in favor of Thanksgiving……… get my meaning? Mark Shean  About Me

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CONTENTS/your ‘notes’.

Gun Sense #2, How DO people get killed by ‘unloaded’ guns?

Gun Sense #3, About Those Children…and Your Guns

Gun Sense #4, No Such Thing As An Unloaded Firearm, Proper ‘Mindset’.

Gun Sense #5, What Is a Misfire, what is a Hang fire?

Gun Sense #6, What is a Squib load ? Understand the danger 

Gun Sense #7, Uncontrolled bullets anyone? Not on your life!

Gun Sense #8, Cease Fire!!! What you do, completely.

Gun Sense #9, Why might Dry Firing be used?

Gun Sense #10, Weapon Safeties, Understand them.

Gun Sense #11, Glazer Safety Slugs, and Home Defense.

GUN SENSE #12, The aftermath of defending your family/home.

Gun Sense #13, Specific to Ma. Petition for Judicial Review

Gun Sense #14, Ma.Change of Address Notification Forms-and a Renewal ‘tip’.

Gun Sense #15, Concealed or Not Concealed, That is the Question…

Gun Sense #16, Parents Guide to Gun Safety page 1

Gun Sense #17, Parents Guide To Gun Safety page 2   

Gun Sense #18, If you ‘misplace’ your Ma. LTC or FID

Gun Sense #19, ‘Reason’ Letter for Ma. class ‘A’ LTC

Gun Sense #20, Ma.’Misdemeanor’,Been Denied Your Gun Permit/License?

Gun Sense #21, Shooting not Mandated? Why I do not have you shoot

Gun Sense #22, Ma. ‘Stored & Kept’ and ‘Direct Control’

Gun Sense #23, Ten Cardinal Rules of Firearm Safety, with answers to #29 test.

Gun Sense #24, Hollywood Bullets vs. Real Bullets

Gun Sense #25, Can you keep a secret?

Gun Sense #26, Ma. Hunter Safety Class info.

Gun Sense #27, Gun Laws To ‘Understand’ in Ma. (with links)

Gun Sense #28, Is The Second Amendment Relevant? You Bet Your Life!

Gun Sense #29, Firearm Safety Test with relevance to Ma.

Gun Sense #30, Graduated Licenses,(D-A)under Ma. Law & “GREEN CARD” Info.

Gun Sense #31, Frequently Asked Questions

Gun Sense #32 Firearm Possession in Ma.

Gun Sense # 33, Ma.”Letters of Recommendation”,Gun License Help.

Gun Sense #34, Ma. CORI Report info.

Gun Sense # 35, Places you Cannot carry Firearms in Ma.

Gun Sense #36 Inheritance and Other Firearm Transactions, Form (E-FA10)

Gun Sense #37 Storage of Ammunition, Powder, Primers…

Gun Sense #38, Traffic stops in Ma.

Gun Sense #39, Ma. Application/’Interview’ Process & Steps/Tips.

Gun Sense #40, The Right to Remain Silent has Changed-Be Aware!

Gun Sense #41, Gun Law Changes in Ma. 8-13-2014

Gun Sense #42, Legal Resident Aliens (Federal Law)

Gun Sense #43, Ma. Gun Registration Misconception

Gun Sense #44, KSG 12ga. Shotgun Demonstration

Gun Sense #45, Gun Registration UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Gun Sense # 46, Firearms Confiscated in Ma.?

Gun Sense #47, 21 States that Honor Your Ma. LTC

Gun Sense #48, Nomenclature of Various Firearms-ATF

ZERO Gun Sense=Uzi submachine gun tragedy in Westfield Ma.

Tragic Events with
common denominators.

Why Carrying A Gun Is A Civilized Act


Common Sense? The meaning has ‘flip flopped’

Children,Their Future Rights,Are We Overlooking Them?

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[Firearm Safety Test] at Gun Sense # 29, with answers at Gun Sense # 23, (dont cheat).  A good phone number to call if you`re interested in the Ma. Hunter Safety course is 978-772-0693, or see; Gun Sense #26, Ma. Hunter Safety Class info. 

Remember, The American Revolution would never have happened had government “gun control’  already been in place, watch very closely all who want it. Ignorance of history can cost you your Freedoms.

Remember; {Firearm Education Will Save Lives, Firearm Ignorance Can Take Lives.}

Sincerely, Mark Shean   About Me   Contact   KB1WSV

Arms discourage and keep the plunderer in awe, they preserve order in the world as well as property…horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding citizen be deprived of the use of them”. THOMAS PAINE

All comments/insights are welcomed throughout this series. Please Pass This Safety Info On To Those You Care About. You have my permission to pass along my ‘Gun Sense’  information. Reviews

  A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week”GENERAL PATTON-

 “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

    -Thomas Jefferson-  
“A Nation of Sheep will beget a Government of Wolves.”  -Edward R. Murrow-

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