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Concealed Carry

   To the Editor: This letter is not politically correct, mainly because it deals in truth and ‘common sense’, the latter being a quaint old term rapidly fading into history. For a long while now I have been witnessing anti Second Amendment ‘spin’ spew forth from the major media outlets. It seems no one wants to address crime control, only gun control, regardless of the spin, they are not one and the same.

   When our public servants swear their oath to office, to uphold the Constitution, then some of them turn around and try to diminish your Rights by passing gun control measures, that my friends is an affront to you and the Constitution they swore to uphold! The Second Amendment truly is our first Right, the only Right that ensures the rest will endure. I am using emphasis on the word ‘Right’ so it can be clearly understood that it is not a privilege. There is no Bill of Privileges! In this country if you are convicted of a felony, you forfeit your Right to firearm ownership along with your Right to be free.

   The media would, and does, imply, strongly,  that by definition legal gun owners are criminals. WRONG!! We do not always agree with another person or groups point of view, but agree or not, we should all defend the Right under the First Amendment for everyone to express their view. You or I do not have to own a firearm, that is our free decision, but as an American, you should defend your fellow Americans Right under the Second Amendment to own firearms if they so choose. It is an American birthright. To erode any of our Constitution in an unconstitutional manner is to invite the collapse of the entire document and all of our freedoms. I do not understand our public servants, the media, and certain lawyers who feign ignorance?

   The communists would use any means to justify the end result. This was not lost on the media, they embrace the strategy. When anything goes to get what you want, the truth is the first victim. In this country a push for total gun confiscation is underway, driven by the media elite and bad, (i.e. treasonous) politicians. For every story where a crime is committed with a gun it is heralded by the media, there are other instances, (reported by the NRA) where a crime is prevented, and the intended victim who saves himself, or others, goes unreported. This kind of discrimination on the part of the media is very thoughtfully designed to build negative public opinion against gun ownership, the media works extremely hard trying to manipulate how people think about the subject of gun control.

    There are greed driven trial lawyers that have their sights set on legitimate gun makers who are engaged in lawful commerce. These greed driven trial lawyers claim that if a gun makers firearm is used in a crime then the gun maker should be liable for any consequences the criminal may have caused! Ridiculous but true. These suits should be laughed out of every courtroom at every turn, otherwise what other type of ludicrous law suits will spring up next, on what other legitimate business manufacturer? These suits violate constitutional and civil Rights, including the First, Second, and Ninth Amendments. This is just another way to circumvent the Second Amendment unconstitutionally. By trying to bankrupt gun makers that make the only constitutionally protected consumer product, these lawyers try to do away with a source of protection for all Americans.

   As can easily be shown in England, Australia, and Canada to name a few, crime has skyrocketed in all areas after gun confiscation took place. You may guess correctly that criminals fail to turn in their guns! This goes unreported by the media, it is a lie by its very omission. The trouble is, it will be your Right to self defense that certain trial lawyers, the media, and some of your public servants are trying to take from you. There were bad people before guns were invented, and there will be bad people, (with guns) even after the guns of every law abiding citizen are confiscated, you cannot legislate evil intent away.

   On the whole, sadly enough, the police only serve as the ‘clean-up crew’ after the crime is committed. It really is your first duty and your Right to be able to defend yourself and your family. You should NEVER allow anyone to take away your Right to self defense! Call your public servant, let him or her know how you feel, remind them of their oath, the gun control legislation that they block today may save your life tomorrow. Mark Shean {Note; submitted on 2-29-2000 – to 3 papers, but not printed, no surprise there!).

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