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Concealed Carry

To the Editor: Draconian taxation legislation has amounted to a chronic case of deprivation of necessities, that in turn will, and is, turning the people against the arrogance of their elected officials. The time of  ‘turning’ seems to be drawing nearer. As in the days of GEORGE WASHINGTON, before the American Revolution, and the taxation’s that became a major factor in the overthrow of an arrogant British occupation, unrest prevailed. Unrest is yet again slowly coming to a seemingly inescapable head. Taxation is now at a much higher percentage than it ever was under British rule before the Colonists put an end to it by going  to war. I guess politicians never read history? My mistake, they don’t read anything before they vote.  

   Apparently greed and power are the only driving factors for politicians in Washington D.C., the only reason they run for office it seems. Americans certainly recognize this in a deepening recession, and are becoming much less tolerant then they would otherwise be. Enough of this enormous drain on the American people! Even now politician’s are dreaming, and scheming up more creative ways to add extra layers of taxation on all of us, just take a minute of your day from other distractions, and watch the news.

   You have to call your public servants and tell them to vote NO to any new taxes, tell them to do away with all the ‘so called’ temporary taxes of the last forty five years, the taxes that have burdened Americans for so long. Tell them to stop pouring billions upon billions, even trillions of OUR money into lost causes brought on by inept, greedy CEO’s. We are all now unwilling share holders of failed corporations, car companies, banks, mortgage institutions, etc.

   The way again to prosperity; allow people their hard earned money, to spend the way they see fit to spend it, then sit back and watch the economy take off! It is a no brainer, if  they had brains. As it has so clearly demonstrated, BIG government only translates into BIG money MISMANAGEMENT and inevitably, attempted  constitutional infringements!

NOTE: A word from THOMAS JEFFERSON, {” My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government”}  


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