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Concealed Carry

   {Note; This next piece I had written and circulated for a rally that I attended with my wife in Carver on 3-25-2000 protesting the police chief’s policy of not issuing gun permits to anyone, including retired Carver police officers, (“they don’t need them any more”), quote, unquote. The rally was a huge success, people from around the country came. {She had yellow eyes, I swear to God, yellow eyes! M.S.}

   [Hear Yea! Hear Yea! A Royal Proclamation! Her Eminence, thee exalted one, Police Chief Skoog of Carver MA., has decreed that henceforth and forever more in Her realm, only thee peasants that meet with thee Royal criteria, and only after Her Eminencie’s critical approval, may they be allowed to have issued unto them permits to carry / possess firearms for personal protection. First and foremost of thee Royal criteria: Said peasant must bring forth proof positive that he or she has undergone previously an attack of a violent and nearly deadly nature, (and survived adequately) before Her Eminence Skoog will consider bequeathing thee privilege to defend oneself in thee future. Her Eminence Skoog reasons, quite logically, that many may not survive thee initial violent attack, and therefore, far fewer audiences with peasants will need to be granted to test Her Royal patience. Judge O’Malley of the Royal Court, a loyal liberal Tory, and a Skoog confederate, arbitrarily discounted thee Bill of Rights and Constitution in general, in their Royal scheme to disarm the peasant populace by increments. Oh how we the people long to rid the land, (like in 1776) of thee scourge of Skoog and her evil tory allies once and forever more.]

   {NOTE; This handout was well recieved by the peasant rabble that was assembled outside of the Carver police chief’s Castle that day, and honest to God, that reason was the only one she would even consider, you had to have been nearly killed first to ‘qualify’!} Mark Shean- Arbitrary Discretion, ain’t it great !  written 3-20-2000 

   {NOTE; Within 18 months of this event in front of the Carver police station, the selectmen gave Skoog a pink slip, she simply was not cost effective as the town was losing court case after court case to pissed off citizens. The chief that replaced her has people skills and is more friendly to honest citizens. This is a good example of the power we possess if we demand change. M.S.

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