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Concealed Carry

   To the Editor: Maybe someone can explain to me what exactly is wrong with this picture? We hear about confirmed illegal campaign contributions from communist China for the Clinton/Gore re-election bid in 1996. Foreign policy decisions dealing with Red China are compromised and can jeopardize our national security because of this.

   Communist China will expect concessions for that money, leverage they would not have had, should not have had otherwise. Illegal contributions accepted from communist China to buy power in our White House had better cast serious doubts on the integrity of the Clinton/Gore administration. Is the White House for sale to the highest bidder? Just how might the Red’s benefit from giving Bill and Al money? I think it is plain to see how China is already getting a return on their investment. Fact: U.S. national security is gravely compromised when sensitive missile guiding technology is transferred to communist China with a presidential nod of approval from this administration. Fact: Clinton’s open denunciation of Taiwanese democracy status in a statement to Red China. Fact: The communist Chinese demand that the White House stop Congress from passing the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act (TSEA). Fact: This threat was closely followed by Clinton’s threat to veto that legislation, (obviously for his Chinese pals). Fact: The (TSEA) would have helped Taiwan to better defend itself against communist China.

   I have been of the impression that it has always been U.S. policy to aid emerging fellow democracies under the imminent threat of communist aggression. Am I wrong? Fact: At the same time the Clinton administration seems to be abandoning Taiwan, it is pushing hard for global trade membership status for Red China, even though Russia is aiding Red China to build its nuclear weapons arsenal, an arsenal Red China is aiming at the U.S.! Fact: Clinton will not support building a missile defense system even while he knows Red China is targeting the United States! It appears that the Clinton/Gore administration would sell Taiwan, and the security of the United States down the river for illegal communist campaign contributions. Americans everywhere should be wondering just whose side the Clinton/Gore White House is on!? Is ‘party’ before the People/Nation that important!? No, not from where I stand. Fact: From the pages of the Washington Times come stories about recent threats from communist China to launch a nuclear strike against the U.S. mainland if we dare to interfere with China’s presumed right to enslave Taiwan. This story was not mentioned by the vast majority of the media. Fact: Another ominous story hidden by all except the Washington Times, tells of Red China’s so called ‘White Paper’, this is their plan to build the Peoples Liberation Army, (PLA) to the point that by 2030 China will be ready to “crush” the United States. The Pentagon is fully aware of the ‘White Paper’.

   Why is the major media moot on these stories? Maybe the White House, with the help of the media think it is in the nations best interest to cover up these threats? Maybe some people think it will upset the apple cart of the robust economy inherited from Reagan? I have one teeny weeny concern about hiding nuclear strike and invasion threats made by a country crazy enough and able enough to make good on those threats. What good will our robust economy be when the PLA is goose stepping down Wall St.? Maybe nuclear strike threats are no longer a news worthy story these days?

   Maybe we shouldn’t keep our heads buried, (like an ostrich in the sand) between the pages of the Wall Street Journal and the sports section all the time and start paying attention to what our enemies are up to.

  {Update; Fact: As of the present time, 2009, China is a larger threat than ever, especially to our economy, we owe China trillions of dollars in loans and interest, China may not need the PLA to ultimately “crush” the U.S.,  debt will do that first.

This letter was originally submitted on 3-17-2000, but of course it was, ‘censored’ and not printed by the liberal ‘fish wrappers’. Mark Shean

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