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Concealed Carry

To The Editor: This is in response to a recent Boston Globe article written by a Globe staff writer, Anne E. Cornball, [Ashcroft pushes New gun policy, reinterprets the Constitution]. I am sure that most would agree something over 200 years old could hardly be called ‘new’, the Second Amendment is as relevant today as in the day it was written.

The Attorney General declared what most Americans already know and have held as true since the inception of the Constitution, socialists withstanding of course. It is nothing less than a rare, but honest government officials stand on, and affirmation of an individuals right to lawfully keep and bear arms as guaranteed under the Constitution. Furthermore on July 9Th this stand was reiterated when Undersecretary of State JOHN BOLTON told the United Nations, {“The United States will not join consensus on a final document that contains measures abrogating the constitutional right to bear arms”}.

The Boston Globe did not see fit to print the Attorney Generals letter, to do so would mean the unwashed masses could decide for themselves if Mr. Ashcroft’s letter is really a re-interpretation of the Second Amendment, as the Boston Globe would have us all believe. Attorney General Ashcroft’s letter should be printed in its entirety, as it concerns all Americans. The Attorney Generals letter is not, by any stretch of imagination, merely a personal opinion. It is in fact an inescapable and honest conclusion based upon extensive research and footnoted with documented case histories in chronological order through the years since our Constitution was ratified,….honest men will find it irrefutable.

I would challenge the Globe to show some backbone by actually printing the entire text of the Attorney Generals educated conclusion concerning the Second Amendment, (copy enclosed for your convenience). It deserves at least a fraction of the space your paper dedicates to over paid pro athletes or cartoons. The media in all of its forms should not be so quick to wish the Second Amendment out of our Constitution. It has been, and so far remains the only barrier that allows us to retain our freedoms, (including the First Amendment) from foreign enemies, and increasingly, certain domestic politicians.

{NOTE; I wrote this letter to the Boston Globe on 7-19-2001, the Globe did not see fit to print it, this is because of the far left slant of the Globe that it is now on the brink of bankruptcy at this date 5-16-2009, a mere 8 years later. At the same time I came across a brief two sentence article buried on page 29, of the Boston Herald, (Justice Touts Gun Ownership) it should have been on the front page. The Boston Herald also did not print Mr. Ashcroft’s letter, I guess they decided to shield us from our rights, lest we gain knowledge. I made the same challenge to the Herald, which was not printed by the cowards. People are sick of prepared statements/propaganda instead of unbiased news, because of this I predict many more “fish wrappers” will fail.}

Mark Shean, author of GUN SENSE on Amazon

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