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Concealed Carry

To the Editor of The Washington Times: In your January 1-21-2001 issue, Mr.Sobran wrote a commentary titled “Excessive taxes are wrong and Unnecessary”.

Mr. Sobran hit the nail on the head when he said of us lowly tax payers, “that even slaves have to eat”. Citizens today mindlessly pay nearly six months of their hard earned money to pay layers upon layers of taxes. When do you suppose they will wake up and get angry? When it reaches seven months, eight months or more?

It reminds me of a classic movie taken from a book written by Jules Vern, The Time Machine, where citizens in the distant future mindlessly do the bidding of their masters at an excessively high cost. High taxes are the real reason politicians are in such a frenzy to strip away our Second Amendment rights. It has absolutely nothing to do with crime on the streets, (there are already laws for those) it is because the thieves we put in office are afraid the tax paying public will wake up, like the Patriots did in 1776. 

 Mark Shean written 1-24-2001 

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