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Concealed Carry

    In the wake of the V.T. campus shootings, and the like, one thing should be abundantly clear to all reasonable people, that evil people will commit evil acts regardless of law. Laws cannot stop evil people, laws can only punish the perpetrator(s) after the fact, but not in all cases, as at V.T. where the predator committed suicide.

    A mayor was assassinated in Japan a few days ago, there is a total ban on guns in Japan for all of its subjects, so how could that happen? Evil people. England and Australia have imposed total gun bans on their subjects. Crime committed by guns in those nations is higher now than it was at any time in history prior to the gun bans. How can this be? Evil people. In other countries around the world gun bans were a prelude to genocide, orchestrated by governments. Evil people.

    Our Founding Fathers added the Second Amendment to our Bill of Rights, not as a means to go hunting, though hunting is a spin-off enjoyed by many, and a useful wildlife management tool made possible through the Second Amendment. The Second Amendments original intent and meaning was and is to ensure American citizens the right to self defense against criminals, invading armies, and yes, even in case their own government turns tyrannical. Let us not be so foolish or quick to discard these hard fought rights, which history proves to be futile anyway. It only opens the door to increased evil.

Mark Shean written 4-19-2007 

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