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Concealed Carry

Submitted by Mark Shean Sr. author of GUN SENSE, now on Amazon.

To the Editor: The Democratic majority in the MA. legislature want carry permits issued only to those who can prove a “need” for self protection. What if, because of these political morons, that when you ‘need’ it you don’t have it?. These politicians should be made to explain their “need” to restrict our freedom! Burdens of proof should never be placed on the honest U.S. citizenry to show a “need” to exercise our right to self defense.

Elsewhere, politicians in Washington would turn all of America into a “gun free” zone. This would only allow all manner of human predator the unobstructed ability to cause mayhem at leisure. These political Socialists, (progressives) and all of their scheming ilk obviously find this inescapable fact to their liking! When the economy crashes crime rises. When politicians run for office they never promise that once you elect them they intend to shred our Constitution, that they will do their level best to diminish our rights. Of course not, would we vote for the politician who ran on such a platform? Why then do politicians actually think they have a mandate to strip away our Second Amendment freedoms, or any of our rights under the Constitution once they get elected?

Democrats single handily pushed through an eleven hundred page “stimulus”, (I say porkulus bill ) WITHOUT EVER READING IT!! This irresponsible form of “representation” will be the total downfall of America’s financial stability, in the very near future. By watching how politicians treat the Constitution in general, I am quite certain our glorious “representatives” have never bothered to read the Constitution they solemnly swore to uphold and defend either! Even if we removed all the charlatans from office today, the damage to the economy has been done. It will now take a miracle, and generations to reverse it, to stave off hyper inflation. Never willingly, follow like sheep to the slaughter, by giving up your rights, as politicians will undoubtedly suggest as the economy grows worse.

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN once wisely said:{ “Those who would give up essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither Liberty or Safety“}

Mark Shean written 3-20-2009

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