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Concealed Carry

To the editor of The Enterprise: I am beginning to become very intolerant of people who expect me to give up any of my constitutionally guaranteed rights. It is not just about the Second Amendment anymore. To all those people who make unconstitutional demands for infringements on my rights, I have a suggestion: If you don’t want to live with rights in America, go to another country that will accommodate you. For instance, go to Canada or England. You may like Australia or Cuba. How about China? You don’t want a Constitution? Go to these or many other countries not mentioned here and you should be quite happy. Leave the rest of us alone.

To the politicians who insist on illegally passing bogus legislation intentionally designed to undermine our Constitution, as Americans we need to say BACK OFF OR BE GONE! I think all political candidates should be required to take a litmus test, to test their knowledge of the U.S. Constitution they are going to swear to uphold. This would weed out the confused politicians up front, before they go into office, before they have a chance to weaken the foundation of our freedoms. This would not only be for our sake, but also for the sake of our great great grandchildren.

Our forefathers thought of us; let us not allow the rights and free will of future generations be lost through apathy. As hoped by one of our Founding Fathers: {“The voice of tradition, I trust, will inform posterity of our struggles for freedom. If our descendants be worthy the name of Americans, they will preserve and hand down to their latest posterity, the transactions of the present times.”} PATRICK HENRY –

Mark Shean written in 1998

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