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Concealed Carry

   To the Editor: Recently the MA. State Senate was handed 2 golden opportunities to (1) demonstrate an understanding of the oath they took upon entering office, (2) to follow the example set by the House of Representatives in a bipartisan move to reduce the onerous tax imposed on your right to self defense. The Senate failed on both counts. Stephen M. Brewer, D-Barre said he would support the proposal to lower the fee (tax) but he did not know how it would fare in the Senate. Donald F. Hamasun Jr., R-Westfield, said “its the right thing to do” “We’re talking about a constitutionally guaranteed freedom to keep and bear arms”.

    These two men are exactly right. The Senate could not even bring themselves to pretend that they represent anyone other than their own overly inflated egos. They quit being Representatives when they decided to be pompous politicians, putting their personal agendas ahead of the will of their constituency. In this case the scheme is to tax the People to the point were we can no longer afford to exercise our right to self defense! To tax you on a constitutionally guaranteed right is in and of itself, an unconstitutional and illegal act by these so-called “representatives”.

    All Massachusetts Representatives have a firm grasp of the short memories of the electorate, and that they will always escape political punishment for bad, (even illegal) behavior. They know and like the fact that people are more wrapped up in entertainment of all sorts, than real problems in the world, this is the reason they will continue to survive each election cycle.

Mark Shean,  Note; {This is what we get in a one party state.}

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