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Concealed Carry

   To the Editor: The governor and his henchmen, (your representatives) want to tax your right to self defense to where many will not be able to afford firearm permits to protect their families. They want to more than double the fee from $100 to $250 every six years. It had been $25 for many years until Romney got in and increased it by 300%! Now our “representatives” want to do it again.

    Firearms are the only consumer product specifically protected under our Constitution in the Bill of Rights under the Second Amendment. The same Constitution that our elected officials swear to uphold upon entering public office. Our Constitution doe’s not protect cigarettes or alcoholic beverages or gasoline, therefore this makes these products easy targets to tax; to tax them does not infringe on our constitutional rights. To tax, (a fee is a back door tax) our constitutional right to keep and bear arms is an infringement and attack on that right. It becomes a deliberate scheme by politicians to deny your constitutional right by making you pay for it, and if you can not afford it…to bad. It is a right already bought and paid for since the time of the American Revolution to the present day, bought by the blood of American soldiers and patriots.

    If you are not able to come up with enough money to pay for a right, then these politicians have, in an unconstitutional and illegal way, been successful, (but only momentarily) with their scheme/attack. This alone should make these politicians prime candidates for the chopping block in the next election cycle, if not sooner in a recall vote. Of all the people that you would think should be trustworthy, it should be people elected to an office of public trust. These should not be people bent on tearing down our rights block by block! We should not have to be at odds with them over our Constitution, that apparently they falsely swore to uphold and defend. So why are we? A background check to make sure we are good citizens, sure. Another “fee” to pay through the nose to help pay for the Big Dig, (Pig) because of political corruption? No. Try as our “representatives” may, their petty agendas do not, and will not, supersede this nations Constitution! Remind your ‘reps’.

 Mark Shean written 8-1-2008

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